Andrea & Mud “Lines” – Listen

Nothing makes us happier than genre sub-divisions, so you can imagine our near ecstasy when we read that Andrea & Mud are proponents of Surf-western music which is defined as “a vigorous elixir – blending spaghetti westerns with rough-edged, honky-tonkin’ classic country.”  And, it should probably be noted, surf-guitar – you may detect a little ‘Apache‘ towards the end of ‘Lines‘.

The Atlanta based duo of Andrea Colburn and Kyle “Mud” Moseley released their latest LP ‘Bad News Darlin” on June 12th. The duo came from very different backgrounds, Colburn growing up wigging out on Zeppelin whilst Mosley “was always the one to bring a guitar to the bonfire where everyone is getting drunk”.  His nickname came from his college major in art with an emphasis in ceramics, which would oft-times see him at open mic nights caked in clay.

Andrea and Mud met almost by accident in 2016, played together and liked what they heard – the rest is history.  Except for what is still to come – That’s the future.

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