Andy Lowe “Barbry Allen” – not the most empathetic young lady…

Photo: Laci Mack

This new single from Andy Lowe is a bluegrass reworking of the well known traditional song ‘Barbry Allen‘ a song noteworthy for it’s wonderful rhymes as much as for the story of “hard-hearted Barbry Allen,” a young lady who strangely lets a young man go his death with a broken heart before herself confessing in her turn undying love for him…and then dying of a broken-heart.  It also features one of Dylan’s favourite lines in folk music “In Scarlet Town where I was born…

This recording features Aaron Ramsey (Volume Five) on mandolin and lead vocals, and is taken from Lowe’s upcoming album, ‘Nervous Energy’ due for release on August 4th on Mountain Fever Records.  It also features Jacob Burleson (Volume Five) on guitar, and Jeff Partin (Rhonda Vincent & The Rage) on bass and resophonic guitar.

Andy Lowe explained that this “updated cut of ‘Barbry Allen’ started off a bit different.  It was the only song for my album where I hadn’t already laid out a clear vision for it by the time we got in the studio. All I knew was that it would fit Aaron’s vocals to a tee; with a little urging and some shameless begging, he agreed to sing it.”

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