Angela Petrilli & The Players “The Voices”

Independent, 2023

Celebrating the joy and fragility of life.

artwork for Angela Petrilli album "The Voices"

In 2019, on the brink of success with the duo Roses & Cigarettes, Angela Petrilli suffered an unthinkable personal and professional loss when her best friend, bandmate and songwriting partner Jenny Pagliaro lost her long battle with breast cancer. After travelling the world on an extended sabbatical to heal and figure out how to move on, Petrilli finally picked up her guitar again.

The Voices‘ is Petrilli’s debut solo EP. Ably assisted by The Players; Brett Grossman (bass), Stephen Haaker (drums), Matt Lomeo (harmonica & backing vocals), Bobby Victor (keys) and Vic Vanacore III (percussion), the 4 songs and one instrumental are action-packed.

A dramatic intro leads into a moody ‘Red River‘, immediately showcasing the power of Petrilli’s writing. The sound is big with punchy drums, sonic slide guitar, persistent organ, and Petrilli’s commanding vocal.

High Roller‘ takes on a more playful vibe. Again with a big, clean & clear sound with flawlessly exciting musicality and a fun but no-nonsense vocal.
The title song then takes this to another level, perhaps with a Shania Twain style and off-the-cuff attitude. Yet, there is nothing spontaneous about this or any of the pieces. Together, the band is tight and well-rehearsed, reflecting Petrilli’s seemingly perfectionist approach to her work.

Petrilli was joined by R.Victor and T.Kelliher in writing the instrumental ‘Slapjack‘. And, together, they have delivered a giant, vibrant piece worthy of theme music to a forthcoming blockbuster series.

Last but not least is ‘Ghost Inside a Frame‘. A beautiful and emotionally charged tribute to Petrilli’s beloved bandmate, Jenny Pagliaro. The song, both poignantly personal and universal, was born after a conversation about loss with her mother. She had also lost a close friend at a young age and made the moving observation about looking back at photographs: you change, but they look the same.

Attention to detail with intros, outro’s, parts, lyrics and attitude, together with stunning vocals and musicianship, gives this small package a huge impact.



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