Kassi Valazza “Smile” – Turn that frown upside down

Shh…don’t tell the video editor, but we’ve got a Track here for you that has a visualiser video that might just stray into full video territory.  But I think it’ll be alright, he’s slipped out of the office for his regular afternoon double Macchiato and slice of chocolate cake.  He’ll be gone for half an hour, so we can sneak this in and he’ll never know about it.  Just don’t mention it, ok?

This latest song from Kassi Valazza is both rueful and unrepentant – he’s gone and Valazza knows she could have made more an effort to keep him.  She knew what to do, but she didn’t do it.  Doesn’t that hint that really she was subconsciously prepared for the break and just needs to get through it?  There’s less self-pity and regret here than one might at first imagine.

It’s taken from ‘Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing’, the remarkably good latest album which is out on May 26th.  Kassi Valazza is on tour in the UK for a few dates, and will be at The Slaughtered Lamb tonight.  We predict a somewhat larger venue next time – Bush Hall anyone?


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