Appalachian Smoke “Growing Lonely” – No good emotions this year

Well, we’re starting the week with a bluegrass heartbreak story from Appalachian Smoke, who are finding moving on from the woman who doesn’t want them rather tricky: “She’s pretty as a picture, sweet as Momma’s tea / My buddies say a girl like her is all I’ll ever need / But it’s hard to keep a star in sight, once seen, the harvest moon / And all I’ve grown this season is lonely without you.”  BJ Taylor – who wrote the song and provides the lead vocal and octave mandolin in Appalachian Smoke – says of ‘Growing Lonely‘ that: “The time of harvest in the fall triggers a heap of senses in one’s mind that can uproot so many memories. ‘Growing Lonely’ is a song that is written about a seasoned farmer that finds himself harvesting the same results emotionally despite his attempt to sow new seed.”

The song features B.J. Taylor on lead vocal and octave mandolin; Mikel Laws on banjo; Jamie Mason on guitar; Kenneth Rymer on resophonic guitar; and Tim Williams on bass. The song was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Aaron Ramsey and is released on Mountain Fever Records.


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