Aren’t “For Love” – it was love, wasn’t it?

Photo: Sophie Richards

Taken from the new EP ‘Creatures of Habit‘ Aren’t present a frail and tentative song which questions motives and explanations offered to the world and each other: “what if we tried, we did it for love” asks Fionn Richards, later recapitulating the half-statement half-question “so what if we lied, we did it for love.”   The gentle finger-picking and the intertwined vocals of Richards and Georgia Harvey make for a strangely intriguing accompaniment to the obscured lyrics.  It’s a song that Fionn Richards has had kicking around for some six years, originally written for an earlier band.  Now it has not only been recorded but will see a physical release with ‘Creatures of Habit’ being available via download and also on a limited run (30 copies!) cassette.  Audiophiles please forgive them, and take a listen now to this fine song.

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