Video Premiere: Masorti “Something Better”

Check out the video premiere of Masorti’s uptempo debut single ‘Something Better’.  Masorti features New York City-based singer-songwriter Philip Masorti, a former lawyer who took the brave step of leaving his practice in order to take up music full time.  If he keeps writing tuneful, heartful songs like this, it will prove to be a good move.  Masorti is joined by a host of excellent collaborators whose contributions give ‘Something Better’ a rich, full sound.  There’s a glorious sax solo from Bob Franceschini (Paul Simon) that really grows out of the song.  A foot-tapping rhythm is provided by Brian Delaney (New York Dolls) on drums, building a foundation for Oz Noy’s (Cat Stevens) grooving guitar.  The combination of talented players results in an engaging, involving song.

‘Something Better’ was born out of Masorti’s dissatisfaction with life and the search for something more meaningful and purposeful, something better.  Masorti says of the song: “Some songs write themselves with little effort from the conscience. And this was one of those songs. The discontent I was feeling spilled over and the verses kept coming. Then for some reason I changed the rhythm pattern and the chorus became one of hope and in stark contrast to the melody and rhythm of the verses.  I suppose in the end the chorus being so different from the verses highlighted my own ambivalence…the back and forth tug of war.  Did I make a mistake?  How do I get out?  Do I have the courage to end the struggle and move on for something better?”  So, Philip Masorti is feeling discontented but there’s a some hope left yet.

The single is the first of five, a series of songs that will be collected together as an EP in March 2022.  Keep a look out for the rest of the new material during the remainder of 2021 and early next year.  This is honest, melodic Americana, crafted and performed with heart and soul.  Enjoy.

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