Armchair Boogie “Livin’ ” – oh, darn it – what’s the point?

On their latest single ‘Livin’ ” (taken from the album ‘Hard Times & Deadlines‘ which is released this coming Friday) Armchair Boogie question the point of it all, and whether life is in fact all that good at all.  Ridiculous, of course, as one can easily refute the posed question “what’s the use of livin’ if the livin’ really ain’t that good?” by pointing out that the combination of fast paced banjo giving way (wait long enough, it really does) to a funky electric guitar boogie coda is surely as good a reason as any to embrace life.

Livin’ ‘ features banjoist Augie Dougherty’s fast-talking vocal wit on this electrifying song that was inspired by a quote from The Hobbit (we’re pretty sure it’s from the film rather than the book…): “What’s the good in living, if the living really isn’t that good?” As Augie explains: “I’m talking about all the juicy parts of life here—parties, love & lust, the forest, friends…The good stuff.

Hard Times & Deadlines‘ is the 4th studio recording from Armchair Boogie who, along with Dougherty on banjo, are Ben Majeska acoustic and electric guitars, Eli Frieders on electric bass, and Denzel Connor on drums.

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