Video: The Secret Sisters “All the Ways” Feat. Ray Lamontagne

On the latest single from The Secret Sisters, Laura Rogers and Lydia Slagle are joined by their friend Ray Lamontagne.  He was the first artist to invite the duo out on tour a decade ago and they have formed a strong bond, evident in this emotional, beautifully-performed song.  The soulful ‘All the Ways’ features stunning vocal performances from the sisters and Lamontagne, their voices blending perfectly, full of warmth and character.  The outstanding video for ‘All the Ways’ was directed by The Frame Theory’s Brandon M. Ward and features actor Linds Edwards of ‘The Hunger Games’.  It’s a brilliantly-shot narrative, a cinematic piece of storytelling that is as compelling as the song.

The sisters say of ‘All the Ways’: “When we wrote this song, we didn’t know our fifth album would be partially recorded in our hometown area, at FAME studios. But, perhaps subconsciously, we were channeling the legendary soul music that was captured just a few miles from our stomping grounds at the same studio many decades ago. This is a song that drinks from the well of Muscle Shoals. We were humbled and ecstatic to feature our longtime friend and inspiration, Ray LaMontagne, on this track.”

Lamontagne adds: “I keep myself to myself. I don’t leave the house much. I keep my hands busy so my mind stays clear. I try to limit my activities to only those that feed my soul. I don’t answer the phone if I don’t have anything to say. But when the Secret Sisters ask if I might lend my voice to a new song they’ve written, I drop everything. I listen. And I sing. Their new album is gorgeous, I love it. I love them. And I am honoured to be a very small part of that beautiful thing they are putting into the world.” 

‘All the Ways’ is from the upcoming new album ‘Mind, Man, Medicine’, which is due out via New West on 29th March 2024.  It’s the second single from an album themed around the personal growth and experiences that have led the duo to where they are now.  They say of the album: “Our fifth chapter is the one where we seek, savor, and settle. The muse found us in the depths of raising children, nurturing relationships, surviving a world-changing virus, bidding farewell, shifting our mindsets and discovering a sense of peace heretofore unseen. Our third decade of life has proven to be one of routine, rest, and realization, and these songs are about the lessons we’ve learned. We’ve learned to be space-holders and defenders of the people we hold close. We’ve learned from deep, steady love in various forms. We’ve learned to let go of people and perceptions and priorities that just didn’t make the cut as we weighed what is right and important and worth keeping. We’ve learned how all the things we’ve always treasured continue to withstand the pressure of time. If you notice an upward trend to the mood and emotions, you’re on target-we have found calm waters, for now.”  It’s thoughtful, sensitive songwriting and captures emotions and weaves narratives that many listeners will relate to.  Look out for the album and enjoy this while you wait.

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