Ash & Eric “Autumn Hymn” – answers may be blowing in the wind…

Ash & Eric have an album coming – it’s called ‘Sure’ and is released on the 6th of May. It’s their debut – and it’s also their third album as the duo have put out two releases as The Promise is Hope.  Ash & Eric are Ash & Eric L’Esperance (small spoiler alert for the upcoming “origin story”), who met in church.  They were both on stage – and as they put it they had a feeling: “that they knew each other before they knew each other. There was a palpable chemistry when they joined on stage, and a shared intuition that quickly bled out from the stage into their personal lives. Ash was in her senior year at Clark University, where she was completing her Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Vocal performance. Eric was working full-time for the state of Massachusetts as a Transportation Planner, dreaming of how he could make a move to pursue his unquenchable desire to pursue music as a career. Perhaps it was a youthful naivete yet to be squashed by the demands and expectations of the American work culture, but Ash encouraged Eric to leave the safety of his office job for the inevitably challenging but rewarding artists’ path.

Autumn Hymn‘ is an ode to reconnecting with nature, facing up to its changing faces as it embodies the intricacies of human relations.  You might think Milk Carton Kids, if your record collection goes back a bit further you may think Peter, Paul & Mary or Ian & Sylvia.  Whichever, there’s a definite sixties folk air to the song, which means a tune and beautifully harmonising vocals with words which feel like they mean something.

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