AUK’s Chain Gang: Carter Sampson “Holy Mother”

When it comes to visual highs, following that glorious Dixie Chicks/Beyonce performance of ‘Daddy Lessons’ in the last chain link is an almost impossible ask. A much easier task was linking and continuing what seems to have become a family orientated thread with Carter Sampson’s ‘Holy Mother’.

The 2016 album ‘Wilder Side’ from which the song features was so well received on this side of the pond that Sampson spent much of the following year touring and promoting the record in Europe.

Sampson has a distinctive voice, described perfectly on this website back in a 2018 review of a live show in Glasgow – “The self-proclaimed Queen of Oklahoma’s voice is firmly located in her home state – warm and smooth like good sipping bourbon, with just a fiery burn that comes from her south central American twang.”

For those unfamiliar with Sampson’s work ‘Holy Mother’ is a perfect window into her world. A lovely up tempo number featuring that distinctive vocal/twang combination.

Sampson’s latest album release ‘Gold’ has just received a 9/10 review here and she will be landing in the UK this summer to support the release. The venues are of the cosy and intimate kind that will showcase her talents up close and personal and allow unrestricted viewing of Sampson’s trademark boots! The tour has the added bonus of featuring another americana favourite in Amelia White so another reason, if reason were needed, to get along and enjoy the talented Carter Sampson.

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