AUK’s Chain Gang: Simone Felice “Bye Bye Palenville”

Following on from last weeks, ‘Satan & St Paul‘ by John Fulbright, another sensational writer, performer and producer, who expresses and tackles life’s demons with charm and elegant imagery, is Simone Felice.
Having come back from the dead twice himself, once aged just thirteen and again in his thirties, Felice is more capable than most in depicting dark thoughts and events. Still, he does it with a faith which casts grace over the shadowy subjects. And, as if that was not sensational enough, his prolific work as a producer for the likes of Bat for Lashes, Jade Bird and The Lumineers to name just a few, is to be celebrated also. Enjoy this live performance of his song ‘Bye Bye Palenville‘ (and while you’re at it veer off-piste for a couple of minutes into a sample of his production work with Bat for Lashes, and the haunting In Gods House from the Mercury Prize (2016) nominated album ‘The Bride‘)


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