Austin Lucas “Just A Girl” – covering with a reason

On this latest release from Austin Lucas we find that this cover of No Doubt’s song “Just A Girl” is by way of carrying a message – and since it’s quite an important one we’re going to just hand over to Austin Lucas to explain:  “The story of how I decided to record this song is one that is deeply woven into the fabric of my coming to understand myself to be a non-binary trans person. Having lived my entire life with a nagging inside, telling me something about myself that I instinctively knew, yet was unable to put my finger on. Something always found me gravitating towards voices, songs and stories, written and performed by women and gender non-conforming artists. Something buried but always lingering and nagging just below the surface, that always set me apart from other men and boys around me. Although I felt these things intrinsically, I hadn’t the language to describe or own them until very recent history. Over the many years spent, both as a human being and artist, I sometimes deliberately and often accidentally sought to express those things through the lyrics that I wrote and the songs I chose to cover. An example of which I proudly present to the world here in the form of a song thats true sadness may have been hard to fully grasp when first presented to the world as an up-tempo Ska song.

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