Austin Lucas “Alive in the Hot Zone” (Cornelious Chapel Records, 2020)

There is a post on Austin Lucas’s social media showing a sticker on a guitar stating “In November, just remember, Donald Trump killed John Prine” under which he states “My name is Austin, and I’m here to remind you of important things.” This album extends that reminder to deliver a mixture of diatribe and discourse which approaches manifesto. His social media tagline is “Songwriter, Singer, Anti-Fascist, Punk AF!”, which sums up this album pretty neatly. Continue reading “Austin Lucas “Alive in the Hot Zone” (Cornelious Chapel Records, 2020)”

Video: Austin Lucas “Drive”

Austin Lucas has been sheltering in Mainz, Germany, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, observing his homeland from afar.  He has used his time, and the perspective that distance brings, well.  The Indiana-born political activist has just released a new album, ‘Alive in the hot Zone’, featuring a series of songs that reflect the global situation, driven by fear, racism, bigotry and isolation.  With his punk-background and distinctive voice, these are inspirational and hopeful songs that blend a range of genres into a cohesive, engaging whole. Continue reading “Video: Austin Lucas “Drive””

Interview: Austin Lucas on songwriting, activism and punk’s impact on the world

With the impending US Presidential election, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the worldwide social and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it seemed appropriate for Americana UK to talk again to musician and activist Austin Lucas. He combines the crusading spirit of the ‘60s protest movement with the energy and can-do attitude of punk to address present-day concerns. Like a lot of modern artists, Austin Lucas was influenced by multiple musical genres in his youth including psychedelic folk, classic rock, punk, country and mountain music, and he has been able to blend these influences over the last twenty years to come up with what could be described as his own genre that celebrates roots music with the spirit of DIY punk and indie music with a large helping of politics on the side. He manages all this as well as bringing a literate style to his well-developed songwriting skills. Continue reading “Interview: Austin Lucas on songwriting, activism and punk’s impact on the world”

Video: Austin Lucas “Already Dead”

Ahead of his new album, ‘Alive in the Hot Zone!’, due out on 30th October, Austin Lucas has released a timely new single. 2020 has been one hell of a year and this is Lucas’s response. Full of punky sentiment, Lucas tells it as it is, focusing his attention on racism and changing the world for the better.  During the lockdown, Lucas found himself isolated in Germany, watching events unfold in the USA from afar.  The American songwriter and activist takes a sharp look at his homeland and, yet, both the song and video are full of hope and buoyed by Lucas’s boundless energy.  Melody with attitude.  Excellent stuff.

Austin Lucas “The Times” – Listen

The album will be out on October 30th, it’s called ‘Alive In The Hot Zone!‘ and it’s a sort of lockdown record – with the added twist that Austin Lucas has hunkered down in Mainz, away from his family and with the time to record a new album.  From which today’s song is taken. Continue reading “Austin Lucas “The Times” – Listen”

Austin Lucas returns with new album “Alive In The Hot Zone!” – Listen

Austin Lucas has announced the release of a new album ‘Alive In The Hot Zone!’ which lands on October 30th 2020 via Cornelius Chapel Records, along with the first single ‘Already Dead’. Written and recorded in the earliest days of the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter/American uprising, the album is described as representing “a new direction for Austin, yet retains his distinctive voice and hyperliterate writing style. Contained are ten songs that serve as direct commentary regarding the ongoing global situation, isolation, fear and the indomitable spirit required to stand up against systemic racism and fascism, in a world spiralling out of control.” Continue reading “Austin Lucas returns with new album “Alive In The Hot Zone!” – Listen”

Ramblin’ Roots Revue returns! Here’s the full line up

Now in their third year, The Ramblin’ Roots Revue, one of the UK’s biggest weekends of Americana, roots and alt-country music (and there are a few of them now) have announced their line up which includes 40 acts from the across UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and mainland Europe. The full line up which takes place in Bucks from 12th-14th April 2019 is listed below but includes UK americana luminaries including William the Conqueror (much nicer than the historical figure), Curse of Lono (a curse you would actually want to be afflicted with) and Peter Bruntnell’s band featuring the superb BJ Cole. Continue reading “Ramblin’ Roots Revue returns! Here’s the full line up”

AmericanaFest UK is back in January – here are all the details

British Americana fans – that includes us dear reader – will be flocking to Hackney, East London for 3 days of their annual conference in January as AmericanaFest UK returns for its 4th year. The event consists of two days of conferences and showcases which are then topped off by a third day of events and the coveted UK Americana Awards 2019. Continue reading “AmericanaFest UK is back in January – here are all the details”

South By Southwest Festival 2017. Austin, Texas

I normally advise Americana-loving friends who enquire about sxsw simply to visit Austin at any time of the year and check out venues like the Broken Spoke or the Saxon Pub to get the authentic Austin feel. You’ll be sure to see the likes of Jon Dee Graham, William Harries Graham, Bob Schneider, Darden Smith, James McMurtry and other such stalwarts of the scene. But there are certain sxsw American events that are unique to that week and are not to be missed.

The Yard Dog Gallery on South Congress has a yard at the back which is covered by a gazebo during sxsw and it is really worth spending a whole afternoon there, because the music is invariably top notch and the audience respectful and very much “up for it”. A common characteristic of all the places I shall describe is the superhuman amount of alcohol consumed. I’m by no means teetotal but I tell you, the amount these guys put away is mind-boggling. Nursing a three dollar local IPA, I was hugely entertained by a highly-wired Austin Lucas (whose Alone In Memphis always brings a lump to the throat), who also duetted with Mara Connor. Continue reading “South By Southwest Festival 2017. Austin, Texas”