Video Premiere: Arborist “By Rote”

Watching the dancers perform in this video is strangely beautiful and calming.  The same can be said of the music.  The young dancers,
Isabella Dunbar, Lucy Dunbar and Ciarán Mac Giolla Cheara, reflect the song’s key theme of repetition.  As would be expected from Arborist, ‘By Rote’ is melodious, sweeping and cinematic with layers and layers of delicately combined and expertly played instrumentation.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Arborist “By Rote””

Video: Lisa Akuah “Natural Worrier”

Lisa Akuah has a lovely, clear voice and an ear for an engaging melody.  ‘Natural Worrier’ is the newly released single from the Berlin singer-songwriter.  Layers of guitar and cello give depth to this folk ballad about inner turmoil and the feelings of self-doubt when relationships unravel.  The haunting video was shot around the lakes and moors of Berlin and complements the song well. Lisa Akuah is one to watch.

Video Premiere: Turn Turn Turn “Cold Hard Truth”

Gorgeous harmonies and beautiful finger-picking are features of this video premiere from Turn Turn Turn.  The band consists of Adam Levy from alt-rock band The Honeydogs, singer-songwriter Savannah Smith, and Barb Brynstad on bass and singing.  Each voice is distinctive and different, which makes for an engaging combination.  All three members are accomplished musicians, bringing a range of experiences and styles to their new project.  The Minnesota trio’s debut album, ‘Can’t Go Back’ will drop on 5th June and promises more soulful harmonies and cross-genre, melodic songs.  Enjoy.

Video: Paul Kelly “Sleep, Australia, Sleep”

The music sounds timeless but the subject-matter is so very now.  The latest video from Paul Kelly is his response to the Australian bush fires that ravaged the country last year, an event that seems long-forgotten amidst the current global crisis.  With lines like, “Sleep now, don’t worry, there’s no need to hurry,” and, “With acid seas rising to kiss coastal mountains,” his writing is lyrical and yet brutal.  It’s a call for action on a problem that hasn’t gone away while we have been distracted.  Continue reading “Video: Paul Kelly “Sleep, Australia, Sleep””

Video: Mt. Joy “My Vibe”

‘My Vibe’ is the latest single from Mt. Joy.  In the video, set in a dirty diner, a roller-skating waitress serves awful food to awful customers.  It plays with the idea of people eating their final meal as the world outside is ending.  Frontman Matt Quinn says, “The song is about letting go and living in the moment, and trying to let new people in your life if you think they can make you happy.”  It’s taken from ‘Rearrange Us’, the new album out on 5th June, which has been produced by Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, Decemberists, Modest Mouse).  Check it out.

Video: Nicolas Michaux “Harvesters”

Belgian singer-songwriter Nicolas Michaux will release his second album, ‘Amour Colere’, in September.  This single gives a taste of what to expect.  There is a relaxed, summery vibe and the song is complemented well by video footage shot on the lovely Danish island of Samsø.  Michaux divides his time between the Capitane Records music collective in Brussels and life on Samsø, where he writes his songs and creates the vivid soundscapes he’s known for. Continue reading “Video: Nicolas Michaux “Harvesters””

Video Premiere: Chris King “The Night They Shut Down the world”

Chris King of Chris King & The Gutterballs reflects on the current state of the world on this acoustic solo release.  The band were gearing up for big things this year, with a headlining tour and multiple festivals scheduled.  It all disappeared overnight.  King was inspired to write this song and says: “Just when I thought I was getting out of my existential phase as a songwriter, shit went and hit the fan. Living is strange right now. I think that is where a lot of us are at.”  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Chris King “The Night They Shut Down the world””

Video: Carmanah “Best Interests”

There’s a great groove to the new single from Carmanah.  As with many new releases right now, the video was understandably created in the band members’ homes.  However, there’s a particularly professional feel to this.  The band say of the song: “What started out as a lonely guitar riff led to the whole band jamming on it, creating a fun and spontaneous experience that our producers Gus van Go and Werner F. rolled with.”  Look out for the band’s second album, ‘Iris’, due out on 12th June.  In the meantime, tap you feet to this.

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Laura Cortese

We hope that our regular series of mini-gigs is spreading a little light in the gloom during these strange days.  Some fabulous artists have contributed exclusive performances for AUK readers to enjoy.  Today, we are privileged to present Laura Cortese.  Here, she’s playing solo though she usually plays as part of Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, a group of singing string players known for a fresh, edgy take on the traditional string quartet.  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Laura Cortese”

Video Premiere: Brand New Zeros “Human Kindness”

We’ve seen a lot of videos filmed in isolation and heard many songs that reflect the strange times we’re currently living in.  But here is how it’s done, with a perfect balance between saying something meaningful and a little tongue-in-cheek humour.  We’re very pleased to premiere the second single from the London-based Brand New Zeros’ forthcoming album, ‘Back to Zero’. The song was written by lead-singer, Ronan MacManus.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Brand New Zeros “Human Kindness””