Video: The Mavericks “Poder Vivir”

It’s hard not to tap your feet and smile when The Mavericks perform.  This is the first single from the band’s first ever collection of Spanish-language songs, a mixture of originals and Latin classics.  ‘En Español’ is a great move from the Grammy-winning band.  Their output is hugely varied, covering a range of styles, but the uplifting, distinctly Maverick sound is a great fit for this.  Raul Malo of The Mavericks says: “This is the record I’ve been wanting the Mavericks to make for a very long time. I’m a first generation Cuban-American, and some of these songs are songs my family would play and sing on weekends at family parties and get-togethers. But it’s not all nostalgia either. There are plenty of new original songs that put this record squarely in the moment for us.”  Enjoy.

Video: Jerry Joseph with Drive-By Truckers “Sugar Smacks”

The latest single from Jerry Joseph is seven minutes of controlled aggression and a charged political assessment of the world around him.  It is, as he sings, “…a rubber ball full of rage.”  Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers, again performing as Joseph’s band, says, “It might be the most punk rock song I’ve heard in twenty years (or more).  As a founding member of Drive-By Truckers, I place this track among my favourite moments of this band’s discography and the rest of them are in unanimous agreement with me about that.”  That’s some statement but it is hard to disagree.  It’s a track that stays with you, particularly the raw emotion, long after listening. Continue reading “Video: Jerry Joseph with Drive-By Truckers “Sugar Smacks””

Video: Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards “Typhoon”

The quality of musicianship on show in the video for ‘Typhoon’ is sublime.  Singer-songwriter and  fiddle player, Laura Cortese delivers effortless vocals and gorgeous melodies, all benefiting from excellent production, on the latest single from the brand new album, ‘Bitter Better’.  The band footage in the video is from the album sessions in Ghent, Belgium, Cortese’s adopted home-town.  Recorded before the pandemic, the recordings seem to come from another time and yet the themes of: “…resilience and relief and release,” in the face of disaster have never been more relevant.   Check out the new album, which is rich, rewarding and tuneful.

Video Premiere: Jack Henderson “Hey Batman”

Here is the exclusive video premiere of ‘Hey Batman’, the new single from Jack Henderson.  It’s the lead track from the upcoming album, ‘Where’s the Revolution’, due out on Fretsore Records on 2nd October.  the song features Henderson’s typically characterful vocals and humorous perspective on the world around him.  ‘Hey Batman’ imagines the Dark Knight growing older, resisting change and going through an identity crisis.  Just like the rest of us, Batman comes to doubt his place in the world.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Jack Henderson “Hey Batman””

Video: Townes Van Zandt “Pancho and Lefty”

It has been too long since we had ‘retro Friday’!  So, here it is: one of the all-time great songs from one of the all-time great artists.  This version of ‘Pancho and Lefty’ is from the DVD extras of well-known film ‘Heartworn Highways’.  It’s said that the character of Lefty was based on his touring friend, Daniel Antopolsky – read more about it here.  Most of our readers will be familiar with this beautiful narrative song, introduced here as, “…a medley of my hit.”  Wonderful humour.  Wonderful performance.  Happy Friday, folks.

Video: Delta Spirit “How Bout It”

Here is an excellent new single from Delta Spirit.  The video, directed by Michael Parks Randa, really captures the essence of the song and features footage of 30 Americans living in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Randa explains: “The result is a celebration of the collaborative spirit of filmmaking, a successful experiment in safely navigating production during the pandemic, and a mosaic of America during this time.” Continue reading “Video: Delta Spirit “How Bout It””

Video: Girl Skin “Soft Gun”

Brooklyn-based indie-folk band Girl skin have just released the latest single from their debut album, ‘Shade is on the Other side’.  Front-man, Sid Simons says of new song ‘Soft Gun’: “I was in my living room one day working on a song that wasn’t really going anywhere and my brother and his soon to be ex-girlfriend were upstairs arguing. They were arguing loud enough that I could hear almost every word, so I started writing down some of the things they were saying to each other and then began singing the lines I wrote down. By the time the argument was over and my brother had come downstairs, I had a song.”  Well, that’s how to write a song.  It’s warmly textured, summery fuzzy-folk, complete with dreamy, drifting vocals.  Enjoy.

Video: Afton Wolfe “Interrogations”

The new video from Afton Wolfe is beautifully animated, serving as a perfect accompaniment to his intriguing lyrics.  Wolfe describes his approach to lyrics, which tend to be obscure but based on real, personal experiences, as: “…associative and abstract…I don’t necessarily like to know exactly what a songwriter is talking about. I like to think about what a song means to me. I want people to think about what my songs mean to them.”  This song tells the story of a bed from three perspectives: a man waking up, a woman dying and an insomniac.  The excellent songcraft is matched by Wolfe’s characterful voice, which brings Tom Waits to mind.  check out the new EP, ‘Pertronius’ Last Meal’.  Good stuff.

Video: Shannon LaBrie “Firewalker”

Lovely harmonies and the powerful vocals of Shannon LaBrie are the highlight of this rhythmic new single, which was co-written with Tia Sillers and Joe Robinson.  All three had recently been through defining moments in their lives or careers before coming together to write ‘Firewalker’.  LaBrie says of the day she met her fellow writers: “I was in the fire, so to speak.  We were in the thick of it, but we weren’t broken yet. Now I realize we were being born into unbreakable Firewalkers.”  Inspiration from adversity. Continue reading “Video: Shannon LaBrie “Firewalker””

Video Premiere: The Hello Darlins “Catch That Train”

We end the week with the foot-tapping, melodic ‘Catch That Train’, the new single from The Hello Darlins.  This is the second release from a the band, which was created when a group of Canada’s most respected session musicians decided to get creative together.  There was a huge response to the first single, ‘Still Waters’, and this promises to be equally successful.  This song is about embracing change and the excitement it brings, while also recognising what you have to leave behind. Continue reading “Video Premiere: The Hello Darlins “Catch That Train””