Video: Yola “Ride Out in the Country”

Our video offering today is celebrating the recent winner of the AUK readers’ poll for best UK artist and best solo artist.  Her debut album, ‘Walk Through Fire’ was a huge critical success in 2019, leading to four Grammy nominations.  The video for ‘Ride Out in the Country’ is delightfully and unexpectedly dark.  Watch closely while you absorb that gorgeous voice.

Video: The Lost Brothers “After the Fire”

The Lost Brothers have released a new single from forthcoming album ‘After the Fire After the Rain’, which is expected in February.  ‘After the Fire’ was written after spending a night sitting around a campfire with old friends.  However, the song took on greater significance when, on the day it was tracked, they learned that The Plaza Dancehall in Donegal, where they had performed often, had been destroyed by a fire. Continue reading “Video: The Lost Brothers “After the Fire””

Video: Josh Ritter “Empty Hearts”

Continuing the New Year theme, here is ‘Empty Hearts’ by Josh Ritter from his fifth album, ‘The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter’.  This song is a beautifully poetic prayer for the year to come. Amidst all of the drinking with friends, the narrator is longing for something more meaningful: “And she’ll know me by the sound of my hoping.”  Continue reading “Video: Josh Ritter “Empty Hearts””

Video: Jeff Buckley “New Year’s Prayer”

Happy new year from all of us here at AUK, and what kind of New Year would it be without a prayer from Jeff Buckley? This song is thought to be named after the poem that Buckley performed live in New York in 1996 and was written for the follow-up album to the critically acclaimed ‘Grace’.  While this hypnotic song is quite abstract, the imagery of light and stars and lines like: “Feel no shame for what you are…Join us in the streets where we // Don’t belong,” reach out to everyone, bringing us all together, including those who feel different, dispossessed, disenchanted.  That’s a message for us all to absorb as we begin 2020.  Continue reading “Video: Jeff Buckley “New Year’s Prayer””

Roseanne Reid selects her top ten Americana Christmas tracks

Here at AUK, we are jolly souls, who like to share the seasonal joy – three things we particularly love are endlessly debatable top ten lists, Christmas songs, and Roseanne Reid. Could it be possible to combine all three? Indeed, it could! We are delighted to spread a little peace and goodwill to all with a selection box of festive musical treats specially selected for us by the wonderful Roseanne Reid. Continue reading “Roseanne Reid selects her top ten Americana Christmas tracks”

Studio Life – Roseanne Reid

This has been some year for Roseanne Reid. Her critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘Trails’, has just been named one of the records of 2019 by the Sunday Times and ‘Amy’ has been nominated in the UK song of the year category for the Americana Music Association UK Awards. The same song won the Lyric Only category at Nashville’s International Song Competition ahead of 160,000 other entries. Reid has toured with the likes of Caroline Spence, Robert Vincent and Ferris & Sylvester and she put on a spellbinding show at the Black Deer Festival. The legendary Steve Earle has championed Reid and even provided guest vocals for ‘Sweet Annie’, one of Reid’s most beautiful songs. The first single from the album was the sublime ‘I Love Her So’. Americana-UK caught up with Reid after she wrapped up her touring schedule for the year to explore the single in more detail. Continue reading “Studio Life – Roseanne Reid”

Frank Turner + Emily Barker, Alexandra Palace, London, 30th November 2019

Frank Turner’s sold out show at the wonderful Ally Pally was his 2,431st gig since setting out as a solo artist in 2004. This is, in itself, a phenomenal achievement and is a sign of his fans’ passion and of his incredible endurance. Turner has re-invented himself on this tour, delivering a very different show from his usual high-energy performances. This was a reflective affair with many fascinating or humorous stories used to introduce each song; these insights undoubtedly helped give a greater appreciation of the songs and was pitched perfectly. Continue reading “Frank Turner + Emily Barker, Alexandra Palace, London, 30th November 2019”

Jarrod Dickenson + Darrin Bradbury, The Waterfront Studio, Norwich, 28th November 2019

Just in case we needed any persuasion to come out and see Jarrod Dickenson on his sold-out ‘Unplugged & Distilled’ tour, he ensured everyone was welcomed to the show with a taste of Balcones Whisky, all the way from Dickenson’s hometown of Waco, Texas. Their ‘Baby Blue’ has a southern kick, the ‘Texas Rye’ is spicy, and the single malt is dark, complex and has a sweet finish. All of these flavours nicely sum up Jarrod Dickenson’s warm, whisky voice and easy, smooth vocal delivery. When Dickenson took to the stage, he declared, “First thing’s first,” and took a sip of Balcones to claps from the appreciative crowd. Continue reading “Jarrod Dickenson + Darrin Bradbury, The Waterfront Studio, Norwich, 28th November 2019”

Chadwick Stokes “Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos” (Ruff Shod Records, 2019)

The third solo album from Chadwick Stokes, ably supported by The Pintos, is another blend of musical genres and styles that shimmers with uplifting arrangements. Stokes, who spent many years fronting the popular bands Dispatch and State Radio, is now known for writing modern-folk, with splashes of colourful pop and reggae, bluegrass guitars and driving rhythms. Having now taken on the role of producer, he delivers a slick selection of songs, full of energy, warmth and engaging hook-laden melodies. Continue reading “Chadwick Stokes “Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos” (Ruff Shod Records, 2019)”

Interview: Ferris & Sylvester

Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester formed a duo in 2016 and, since then, have released a string of critically acclaimed singles and EPs, including 2018’s ‘Made in Streatham’, which was recorded in the kitchen of their flat in London. Through constant touring and stylish videos, they have been steadily building up a sizeable fanbase and creating a real buzz; the video for recent single ‘Flying Visit’ has been viewed 57,000 times on YouTube in the last four months. 2019 has seen Ferris & Sylvester play various festivals, including Black Deer, Isle of White, Glastonbury and AmericanaFest in Nashville. Soon, they will be returning to the USA to record new songs and 2020 looks set to be even bigger. After completing their biggest headline tour to date, the pair took the time to talk to Andrew Frolish of Americana UK about performing, song writing and preparing to record their first full-length album. Continue reading “Interview: Ferris & Sylvester”