Dylan LeBlanc + The Pollies, Omeara, London, 3rd September 2019

The faded western cantina chic of Omerea was the perfect backdrop for tonight’s opening act – and later Dylan LeBlanc’s band – The Pollies, a four piece of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. They hail out of Muscle Shoals and look the part of rural Alabamans – although when guitarist and singer Jay Burgess refers to the band as,  “Rednecks, that’s what we are,” a correcting holler from the stage rear interjects a preference for “Southern Gentlemen”.  Continue reading “Dylan LeBlanc + The Pollies, Omeara, London, 3rd September 2019”

VanWyck “Supermarket Line” – Listen

News is circulating that VanWyck has completed the follow up to last year’s excellent ‘An Average Woman‘ – the new album is ‘Molten Rock‘ and will be released on November 15.  The intricate finger-picking on the uptempo lead single ‘Supermarket Line‘ hints at a more openly optimistic release this time around – well, perhaps. Continue reading “VanWyck “Supermarket Line” – Listen”

Amy Speace “Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne” (Proper Records, 2019)

It isn’t until Amy Speace delivers the lines “Men and Women on all sides / trying hard to change your mind / there’s no way around the crowd / got to walk right through that line / don’t listen while they shout and pray / ‘cos they don’t know you anyway” that it becomes clear what ‘Ginger Ale and Lorna Doones‘ is about. And that the woman singing a pro-choice song was pregnant with her first child when she added “no-one gets here on a good day” really only goes to double underscore what the song is about. Choice. A choice which Amy Speace is making clear is getting harder to make in the USA of 2019. Continue reading “Amy Speace “Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne” (Proper Records, 2019)”

Mark Erelli “Her Town Now” – Listen

Today we’ve got something special for you – all the Tracks are special of course, but some are just more equal than others.  In this example it’s a case of “two songwriters good….” as 2019 Americana Music Award for Song of the Year nominee Mark Erelli has teamed with Green on Red (and so very very very much more since) guitar enlightened being Chuck Prophet to write a slice of perfect heartbroken rock. Continue reading “Mark Erelli “Her Town Now” – Listen”

Galileo’s Fan “Arranging Time” – Listen

We are, naturally, huge fans of anyone who’ll face down an inquisition and say “e pur si muove.”  And we’re always going to be well inclined to anyone who makes a nod towards the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter.  Hey, that’s just the way we are, and it seems fair to surmise that, judging by their band name, siblings Fi Vass (vocals/piano/keys) and Martin Vass (vocals/guitar) share this admiration. Continue reading “Galileo’s Fan “Arranging Time” – Listen”

Dervish to play London with Folk Award to follow

Dervish have a host of celebrations this year – starting with their 30th year as a band.  The Irish folk group recorded and released ‘The Great Irish Song Book’ with a host of guests, and they’ll be playing it live at the London Palladium on September 19th – also with a host of guests such as Brendan Gleeson, Kate Rusby, Abigail Washburn, Imelda May and David Gray.  The band has also been expanded to an eight-piece with the addition of Graham Henderson (Sinead O Connor band / Fairground Attraction/ Moving Hearts) and Seamie O Dowd (Christy Moore band and a long list of others).  Should be some night!  Oh, and there’s more. Continue reading “Dervish to play London with Folk Award to follow”

Judy Collins records new album, plans UK tour

The legendary Judy Collins has announced a new album, ‘Winter Stories‘, due November 15th 2019.  And to go with this timely winter-themed album – happily just in time for Winter Holiday Gifting – Judy Collins will be undertaking a suitably shivery tour of the UK in January 2020. Continue reading “Judy Collins records new album, plans UK tour”

Track Premiere: The Good Graces “Sit On Your Hands”

The indie-folk of The Good Graces is produced by songwriter, singer and guitarist Kim Ware, with core band member Jonny Daly contributing guitar, and a cast of interchanging band members on banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and piano. ‘Sit on Your Hands‘ comes from The Good Graces’ new album ‘Prose and Consciousness.’ Continue reading “Track Premiere: The Good Graces “Sit On Your Hands””

Alexa Rose “Like A Child” – Listen

Occasionally it gets mentioned that there’s not as much Twang as there could be, and we guess that there’s some truth in that.  Well, True Believers, today you get your twang, courtesy of Alexa Rose, who really must hate that Amazon product: “Alexa, play some music with twang.”  Ho ho, very droll, yeah, never heard that before.  Continue reading “Alexa Rose “Like A Child” – Listen”

Jason Tyler Burton “Date Night At The Dairy Queen” – Listen

Jason Tyler Burton’s song, taken from his new album ‘Kentuckian‘, and it’s another finely crafted look through another’s eyes.  This time it’s the conflicted emotions of someone trapped in a one-horse town who, at the same time, feels so connected to it that he can’t leave. Continue reading “Jason Tyler Burton “Date Night At The Dairy Queen” – Listen”