Audrey and Hugh “Young, Loved and Free” – Listen

Audrey and Hugh return with a new single from their upcoming album ‘Sisterman‘ which is released on May 22nd.  We liked ‘Sisterman‘ a lot, and this song is one of the reasons.  It’s catchy modern folk, echoes and big drums and handclaps, and is optimistic about love. Continue reading “Audrey and Hugh “Young, Loved and Free” – Listen”

Roseanne Reid “Malibu” – Listen

Roseanne Reid has attracted some attention – Steve Earle’s an admirer, and appeared on her album ‘Trails‘, which was produced by Teddy Thompson.  September 2019 saw her performing at Americana Fest in Nashville – and she’d go on to play Americana Fest in Hackney earlier this year. Continue reading “Roseanne Reid “Malibu” – Listen”

Danny Schmidt “2020 Vision” – Listen

This strange year is marked by Danny Schmidt on his new release ‘2020 Vision’, which is a play on words as he relates “2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year. It’s been surreal to live through, in real time, what will almost certainly be the most significant defining event of our generation…without the historical hindsight which always makes historic outcomes appear inevitable. Because while hindsight might, indeed, be 20/20…the year 2020 in real time has felt incredibly blurry, distorted, twisted, and astigmatic.Continue reading “Danny Schmidt “2020 Vision” – Listen”

Track Premiere: The Frisbys “I Heard”

The Frisbys are a six piece alt-folk band, with a country twist, from London.  Their name reflects less on an obsession with the hipster sport of Ultimate Frisby and more that the distinctive vocals are provided by band founders, and sisters, Helen Frisby (vocals, flute) and Nicola Frisby (vocals, acoustic guitar). Continue reading “Track Premiere: The Frisbys “I Heard””

Henry Jamison “Green Room” – Listen

On this third, and final, single from the upcoming (due 15th May) EP ‘Tourism‘ Henry Jamison is joined by one of his musical heroes, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear.    It’s a bit of a dream come true for Jamison as he revealed “Grizzly Bear has been my favourite band for about ten years, so, I was extremely happy when Ed wanted to sing with me. I feel like this song fits his slightly operatic style especially wellContinue reading “Henry Jamison “Green Room” – Listen”

Annalyse & Ryan “When The Rain” – Listen

When the rain comes down / Where you gonna run to baby / When I’m standing at the door / Wondering what for / When the rain comes down” husband and wife Americana duo Annalyse & Ryan sing – it’s a metaphor, of course.  Here the rain is the bad times and to make them worse there’s a hole in the roof – or a flaw in the relationship if you prefer. Continue reading “Annalyse & Ryan “When The Rain” – Listen”

Alexander Biggs “Laundromat” – Listen

Australian Alexander Biggs sings of a painful break-up on today’s song ‘Laundromat‘.   His is the ultra lo-fi pioneered by the likes of Bright Eyes, scratchy guitar and an unaffected vocal with a few additional sounds added in a bedroom studio. Continue reading “Alexander Biggs “Laundromat” – Listen”

Devil Doll “Ballad Of The Rearview Mirror” – Listen

Devil Doll released her new album ‘Lover & a Fighter’ on May 1st – it’s a combination of Outlaw Country and a Punk attitude.  On the ‘Ballad of the Rearview Mirror’ she’s joined by Charlie Overbey for a blistering guitar swagger of a song. Continue reading “Devil Doll “Ballad Of The Rearview Mirror” – Listen”

What should I do, Americana UK?

What is the point of music? Is it just an entertainment that whiles away those empty hours, or does it hold some greater significance? Music often throws up unresolved problems, problems that we can all relate to.  Music here offers an empathetic support. Can it go further though, to actually resolve those issues and set us on the right path to a happier and more fulfilled life? Could it be possible that the solution to all life’s problems can be found within the lyrics of one’s favourite songs? Continue reading “What should I do, Americana UK?”

Larkin Poe “Keep Diggin’ ” – Listen

Larkin Poe have long completed the transition from their early Bluegrass leanings to their harder edged roots/southern rock stylings.  That’s no bad thing as without the change we wouldn’t have the grungy sophisticated-garage rock of today’s single ‘Keep Diggin’ .‘   The song comes from their latest album ‘Self Made Man‘ which will be released on June 12th via Tricki-Woo Records. Continue reading “Larkin Poe “Keep Diggin’ ” – Listen”