Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans “Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans” (Tapete, 2018)

A firm favourite of the late great John Peel and championed by 6 Music, Davey Woodward has been a prolific songwriter for decades with bands like The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band and Karen. Most recently he decided he wanted to swerve away from his indie comfort zone and record an album of songs quickly with people he had never worked with before, intending, he asserts, to have the songs sound effortless and hark Continue reading “Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans “Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans” (Tapete, 2018)”

Curse Of Lono “As I Fell” (Submarine Cat, 2018)

Although last year’s acclaimed ‘Severed’ was the first album to appear under the Curse Of Lono monicker, frontman Felix Bechtolsheimer points out that this terrific new album in some ways represents a proper debut for the band, given that ‘Severed’ was essentially put together by Felix and producer Oli Bayston, whereas this impressive collection was licked into shape by the whole band plus Boyston at a remote desert studio in Joshua Tree after extensive rehearsals and preparation at Flesh & Bone Studios in Hackney. Continue reading “Curse Of Lono “As I Fell” (Submarine Cat, 2018)”

Steve Tilston “Distant Days” (Riverboat Records, 2018)

It’s not uncommon these days for more, ahem, ‘mature’, artists to cherry-pick and rework their own back catalogue in a bare-bones style. There can be any number of reasons for them doing so, including, but certainly not limited to, reclaiming those songs from record company shenanigans. Whatever the precise reasoning behind this particular solo acoustic retrospective, it’s a timely reminder of just how admirable Tilston’s work has been throughout the more than four decades (and even more labels) since his much-praised 1971 debut ‘An Acoustic Confusion‘ emerged on the Village Thing label. Continue reading “Steve Tilston “Distant Days” (Riverboat Records, 2018)”