Pick of the Political Pops: k.d. lang “Big Boned Gal”

This week at Americana-UK Towers we have been in full celebration mode in respect of International Women’s Day. The slight fly in the ointment is that in the twenty-first century we still need to have such an event because, despite best efforts all round, people are still not equal and the patriarchy still reigns. Then again the hegemony of free-market populism keeps many of us ‘in our place’ and will do until we wake up and smell the corruption. Until then we are celebrating women the world over and their glorious (often unsung) achievements.

Except for Katie Hopkins. And Priti Patel. And Margaret Thatcher. They can do one. The jury is out on Meghan Markle. We’ll let you know.

Here’s a fine tune from a good woman from the wonderful country of Canada (a nation that has a woman as head of state – go Lizzie Windsor II):

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