Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Surrender Under Protest”

Well it’s been a slow week for news (said no one this week with access to a wireless/newspaper/laptop/television). We quite thought that we would have nothing to write about in our usual snarky way (we didn’t think that – we’re just being snarky). We could pontificate on the whys and wherefores of protesting under lockdown (we couldn’t be arsed). We could point out the ludicrousness of restricting people’s right to protest (but we doth protest too much). Instead we’ll just run this little snippet by you: the UK is proposing to increase the cap on nuclear warheads from 180 to 260. Yes – its 2021 and we’re playing the game like it’s the Cold War still. Nope – we don’t know either. Seriously it’s just the most fucked up thing since sliced bread ceased to be a new phenomenon. And just when you were thinking that you could take to the streets like we used to do for CND in the 1980’s the government is going to curtail your ability to do that (mentioned in one of the points above that we couldn’t be bothered to explain). Madness. No honestly – it’s madness. Take me away.

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