B. Knox “Seasons” – my life was just a season…

Photo: Scott Cooper

It’s a couple of years since we last featured B. Knox on Tracks, and we’re glad to report that he has a new album coming out on 8th April 2022 called ‘Far From Folk’ from which this knock-out song comes from.  It’s a song that quietly creeps up on you and then taps you on the musical shoulder and says, “yes, I’m all about death and legacy and maybe just a bit about the living that happens before that.”

Back in 2019 we noted that B. Knox was something of an internet age cipher – we didn’t even know what the B stood for.  It’s Billy, who was one of B. Knox’s grandfathers and Knox was one of his grandmothers’ maiden name.    B. Knox is an ex-schoolteacher, he grew up in Newfoundland and he says “I grew up in an area that was entirely Irish Catholic, before the age of ten, I didn’t know that anything other than Irish traditional music existed. That Celtic spirit is fairly rebellious, and they have these long ballads with sad narratives and undertones.”  And you can maybe hear some of that in his own music.  Check out the song, and come April next year you’d do well to check out the album too.

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