B. Knox “The Fault Lies” – Listen

It’s nice to report that even in the age of the Internet and an all pervasive sharing of data – for good or ill – it’s still possible to be out in public and also be pretty much anonymous.  Which is the long way round to saying that other than liking this song we know very little about B.Knox.  Doubtless that’ll all change in about…half an hour or so.

B. Knox is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who’s first name starts with a B, and his new single, ‘The Fault Lies‘ is a precursor to an album that will be out in the New Year.  It’s suitably timely in its imagery “I can feel the coming winter pressing heavy on my chest / The last of Autumn’s leaves settle down and join the rest / Phone lines carry voices / the north wind carries snow” he sings over a timeless folk accompaniment.  Pretty nice.

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