Beans On Toast & The Kentish Folk Collective “Swimming In It” – come on in the water is… polluted

It’s not that hard a concept – unless you’re a Tory government in its 12th year – the increasing of pollution is not a positive thing and letting the water companies (aka your mates) routinely pour raw sewage into rivers and the sea is a stain on the nation’s environmental standards.  This is a retrograde step, taking us back to the bad old days of the Seventies.  Which seems to be a bit of a common theme when you think about it.  Back then Britain was “the dirty man of Europe” with nary a Blue Flag beach to our name – shouldn’t take too long to reach that happy peak of infamy again, and all in the name of profit.  Another noble achievement.

Here though we have Beans on Toast (and a lot of friends) calling out Southern Water – as Mr Toast explains: “After moving to the Kent coast in 2020 I became aware of the horrific acts committed by Southern Water and also by the amazing fightback from the local community in the form of SOS Whitstable. I wanted to help and did that in the only way I know how – I wrote a song. Striking while the iron was hot, I scored some studio time in The Albion Rooms in Margate and put word out around the community inviting anyone and everyone to come and play on the track. The result was The Kentish Folk, a small army of amazing local musicians, everyone who came down is on the track, most of them were strangers to me before the session started.”

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