Video: Beans on Toast “Album of the Day”

For lovers of great music, the latest release from Beans on Toast is simply a joy.  It’s all about listening to classic records with his daughter, who is the charming star of this delightful video.  It’s an old-fashioned musical education as Beans sings: “We put a classic album on and we listened to it back to front, or front to back you know what I mean, the whole thing in its entirety, there’ll be no rewind no fast forward, exactly as its creator intended.”   Continue reading “Video: Beans on Toast “Album of the Day””

Video: Beans on Toast “The Village Disco”

For his 40th birthday, Beans on Toast will be releasing two full-length albums, including ‘Knee Deep in Nostalgia’, produced by Frank Turner.  This is the opening song from the album and Beans travels back in time, sharing some of his earliest memories along the way.  For the video, Frank Turner accompanies Beans on Toast on a road trip through his past: Home & Away, Findus Crispy Pancakes, first dances and first loves. Continue reading “Video: Beans on Toast “The Village Disco””

Video: Beans on Toast “Save the Music”

Here is the last in the series of lockdown releases from Beans on Toast.  Filmed at The Clapham Grand, an independent venue facing possible closure, the video sees Beans on Toast perform in front of empty seats.  As we slowly come out of quarantine, Beans on Toast is one of many artists trying to find ways to make live music work.  Indeed, he recently made history by performing alongside Frank Turner and Ciara Haidar at the UK’s first indoor, independent gig since lockdown began at this very venue.  As is so often the case, Beans on Toast is able to articulate what many are thinking with the sentiment of this song.  Save the music.

Video: Beans on Toast “Glastonbury Weekend”

The series of new lockdown-themed songs written by Beans on Toast continues with ‘Glastonbury Weekend’.   He first attended Glastonbury in 1997 and has been every year since.  Indeed, the first Beans on Toast gig was there in 2006 and he’s been a regular performer over the years.  So, the event has a special place in his heart.  When he sings: “All of the music and the madness and the magic and the millions of memories that can’t be replicated… I need something to restore my faith in humanity: I need Glastonbury!” Beans is singing for everyone whose festival plans have disappeared this summer.

Video: Beans on Toast “Chessington World of Adventures”

Let’s begin the week with a commentary on the state of our world right now from Beans on Toast.  You know, we spent some time here at AUK Towers trying to describe how we felt…but we simply couldn’t put it better than this.  The song title, ‘Chessington World of Adventures’, is deliberately misleading, reflecting the daily briefings that have quickly become part of the ‘new normal’.  The good-humour, delicate vocal and gentle melody disguise the seriousness of the message.  Continue reading “Video: Beans on Toast “Chessington World of Adventures””

Video: Beans on Toast “Strange Days”

Beans on Toast has written and recorded a song from quarantine about the challenging new world around us.  He addresses the coronavirus pandemic head on, reflecting on the panic and fear and the impact of social distancing. It’s honest, refreshing and his words will resonate with many: “Strange Days, the only thing that’s certain now is everything has changed…vulnerable people are more vulnerable than ever.”  It’s timely and important. And Beans’ daughter, Wren, is the star of the show. Required viewing.

Beans on Toast “Inevitable Train Wreck” (Beans on Toast Music, 2019)

Beans on Toast may be a creature of habit, releasing, as he does, a new record each year on his birthday, December 1st. He’s been doing this for over 10 years now with his latest instalment, ‘The Inevitable Train Wreck’ being his 11th album. Over this time, Beans (or Jay McAllister as his mother probably calls him when she needs to give him a telling off) has recorded in a range of different studios with different producers, including Frank Turner and Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons. Continue reading “Beans on Toast “Inevitable Train Wreck” (Beans on Toast Music, 2019)”