Benjamin Miller “White Light/White Heat” – Let’s Glam Americana

Benjamin Miller has more pies than he has fingers to put in them.  This latest release see’s Miller working with members of his country band The Federales as well as talents such as Ben Cook-Feltz (Ben Miller is on his latest release as well), Haley Rydell (Buffalo Gospel), and Rachel Hanson (The Last Revel).  You know the song, but you’ve never heard it this way before with a mixture of modern Americana, psychedelic rock and a dash of raw country energy (that’s the fiddle!).

Why did Benjamin Miller cover this song?  We’ll let him explain: “I make country and Americana-ish music, but once upon a time I played guitar in a Milwaukee glam band called Ekko Galaxie and the Rings of Saturn. I always loved David Bowie’s live take on this song and I wanted to see if I could borrow that arrangement with a slightly different sound, so I assembled a few crack Minneapolis musicians to try it out live to tape (Haley Rydell of Buffalo Gospel is on fiddle and Rachel Hanson of The Last Revel is part of the backup vocal crew, along with Jay Scabich and Andy Schuster of The Federales, and Ben Cook-Feltz).”

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