Beth Bombara “Lonely Walls” – let’s get together, right now, oh yeah

Photo: Virginia Harold

This is the great Beth Bombara – so this song will be great, right?  Yes, indeed, right is the correct answer to that question that need not have been asked.  Beth Bombara brings us ‘Lonely Walls‘, a  soulfully rocking little number that can be defined as a post-pandemic song, or at least an I wish the pandemic was in the past tense song.  As Beth Bombara explains “I initially started writing it as a way to work through the separation from all of the people I love, but then it morphed into this longing for one person.

The new album from Beth Bombara is ‘It All Goes Up‘ and it’s out on August 4th.  Bombara feels that it has a different sound to her earlier releases, which she attributes to a pandemic reconnection: “During the pandemic I reconnected with an old guitar that had been collecting dust in my closet for many years. It’s a classical guitar, and I wrote a lot of the songs for this record on it, which brought something different to them and took the tone of the record in a new direction.

Well, if it’s all as good as ‘Lonely Walls‘ you’ll not be hearing us complaining.

And whilst we have your attention, here’s an illicit video bonus – we won’t tell if you don’t.  This is deep in the pandemic stuff, but it’s excellent.

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