Beth Bombara “Evergreen” – Listen

What greater pleasure can there be than to find an artist with a strong musical vision, and the band and great vocals to carry it off.  For Beth Bombara is that artist – great swirling keyboard chords and grinding guitar are a feature of ‘Evergreen‘ whilst Beth Bombara’s vocals have a great rock growl to them – a little reminiscent of Deborah Harry in places which is a bonus.  Continue reading “Beth Bombara “Evergreen” – Listen”

Beth Bombara “Evergreen” (Lemp Electric, 2019)

Michigan-born Beth Bombara is a relatively new name around these parts, though she’s released a couple of EPs and four albums prior to this one.  Judging by its contents though they should be well worth investigating because ‘Evergreen’ has ten excellent songs that blend contemporary folk and Americana to very good effect indeed, not to mention the great tunes and hooks she deploys to boot. The songs range from ‘Tenderhearted’, a wonderful paean to her husband, via the Stones-y rock’n’roll of ‘Good News‘ to the delicate ‘Growing Wings’ where her plaintive vocal recalls early Neil Young. Continue reading “Beth Bombara “Evergreen” (Lemp Electric, 2019)”