Brown Horse “Shoot Back” – finding the will to go on…

The latest – and third – single from the Norwich alt-country rock band Brown Horse’s debut album ‘Reservoir‘.  It’s a song that has a lot of frustration at its core, the band saying that “it’s a questioning, frustrated kind of song. The lines in the chorus were based on something we heard  someone say in a union branch meeting. It’s a pretty angry song in a lot of ways but there’s maybe some hopefulness mixed in there too”.

Reservoir‘ will be released on Loose Records on 19th January, the culmination of several years of band development which was recorded in just four days at Sickroom Studios in Norfolk with Owen Taylor.  Brown Horse paint a vivid portrait of the sessions: “The studio up there is basically a huge barn surrounded by farm fields and wetlands. It felt like being at Big Pink or something. It’s not too fancy, just a very quiet and beautiful place. There was a little annex a few steps from the studio’s front door with a couple of bunk beds where we’d fall asleep watching The Simpsons after recording all day. In between takes we’d just hang out in the sun. Owen’s got two big golden retrievers, Poppy and Daisy, and they were always running around. There was a bunch of chickens too”.

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