Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore and The Guilty Ones + Roseanne Reid, Band on the Wall, Manchester, 30th October 2019

Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore have been good friends for many years, so when they got together to make 2018’s ‘Downey to Lubbock’ album it was something which they both agreed was long overdue. They had played together previously but making the album persuaded them to put a full band tour together. Only four UK dates were scheduled as part of their European tour, so those present tonight at Manchester’s iconic Band on the Wall venue were entitled to feel truly privileged. Continue reading “Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore and The Guilty Ones + Roseanne Reid, Band on the Wall, Manchester, 30th October 2019”

The Drunken Hearts “Wheels Of The City” (LoHi Records, 2019)

For those who aren’t acquainted with The Drunken Hearts, you could think of them as super-charged Eddie Vedder Americana-Rock. Their 2nd full length album ‘Wheels Of The City’ which is currently available on LoHi Records, was imagined at Silo Sound Studios in Denver with producer and ‘Railroad Earth’ member, Tim Carbone. For this record, the band tried something new, focusing on creating and recording a new song every day until the full album was realised. Whether this was pulled off or not, we find out as we delve in… Continue reading “The Drunken Hearts “Wheels Of The City” (LoHi Records, 2019)”

The Rails + Danny Wilson, Oslo, Hackney, London, 29th October 2019

This was the last UK tour date for The Rails – Kami Thompson and James Walbourne – who had hit the road in support of their album, ‘Cancel The Sun’, released back in August. The support tonight was from Danny Wilson, of Danny & The Champions Of The World, Bennett, Wilson, Poole and Grand Drive. His six-song set was a nice introduction to him, simple with a good acoustic guitar accompaniment.  Playing songs from his back catalogue for the most part, he ended his set with a cover of Ronnie Lanes’ ‘Debris’, for which he was joined on stage by James Walbourne and Sean Read. Continue reading “The Rails + Danny Wilson, Oslo, Hackney, London, 29th October 2019”

Foxes Faux “Big Ifs” (One Step Outside/Bomber Music, 2019)

After taking 18 months away from music and gigging in order to start families, Foxes Faux are re-releasing their second album ‘Big Ifs’, hoping to replicate the success of their debut album ‘Fox Tales’, which took them across Europe to Italy, Germany and Austria, to name a few. Each member has a wide array of instruments in their arsenal, ranging from the electric bass and guitar of Ben Snowden and Kurt Wood, respectively, to the 12 string guitar and Bouzouki of Will Quin and Tim Rickaby. This enables a slightly more unique sound compared to the standard folk. Continue reading “Foxes Faux “Big Ifs” (One Step Outside/Bomber Music, 2019)”

Crow vs Lion “The Heart, The Time, The Pen” (Independent, 2019)

The number thirteen is one of the most mysterious and storied numbers in our numerical system. For the superstitious, it’s bad luck, but for many religious and folklorists, as well as tarot readers and tattoo enthusiasts, its significance runs deep, man. Thirteen plays into ‘The Heart, The Time, The Pen,’ the sophomore release from Crow vs Lion, the brainchild of Dan Gallagher. Though Gallagher hails from the States (Bucks County, Pa, to be exact), the sound of Crow vs Lion incorporates many nods to skiffle and traditional English folk. Continue reading “Crow vs Lion “The Heart, The Time, The Pen” (Independent, 2019)”

Glimmermen “Here I Stand” (Greyslate Records, 2019)

It’s a pretty safe bet that no band whose early work has been compared to Mission of Burma, The Pop Group and The Minutemen has previously been reviewed on AUK. This is also likely the case for any band whose main songwriter cites nomeansno, Fugazi and Sonic Youth as key early influences. However, that has just changed with the release of this vinyl-only third LP from Ireland’s Glimmermen on Greyslate Records. Continue reading “Glimmermen “Here I Stand” (Greyslate Records, 2019)”

Gold Light “Zephyr” (Bailey Park, 2019)

Joe Chang, aka Gold Light, has been releasing music since 2013 from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. ‘Zephyr‘, his fourth album, was all written, performed and mixed by Chang himself and recorded over just three days on a 4-track cassette player, in his bedroom. The fact this was all accomplished in his bedroom might make one think he is young and inexperienced, but that is far from the case. Continue reading “Gold Light “Zephyr” (Bailey Park, 2019)”

The Swamptruck Good Time Band “Swamptruck Good Time Band” (Independent, 2019)

This is the debut album from an established group of five musicians, based in Cambridge UK, well known at local festivals, and at The Cambridge Festival itself. They are much revered locally. ‘Good Time Band,’ the first track, sets the scene well and establishes the band’s appeal to an audience. As Alasdair Taylor sings, “It must have been the moonshine!” and his harmonica, backed by Graham Spink’s banjo, all capture the appeal of Swamptruck immediately. Continue reading “The Swamptruck Good Time Band “Swamptruck Good Time Band” (Independent, 2019)”

Karen & The Sorrows “Guaranteed Broken Heart” (Ocean Born Mary Music, 2019)

One of the music industry’s most time-honoured clichés is that an artist’s third album represents a critical creative crossroads – even way back in the 1980s,   Essex folk singer Billy Bragg wryly subtitled his immortal ‘Talking to the Taxman about Poetry’ as “the difficult third album.” But in the case of queer country band Karen & The Sorrows third long-player,  ‘Guaranteed Broken Heart’ passes any unwritten musical roadworthiness tests with flying colours. Continue reading “Karen & The Sorrows “Guaranteed Broken Heart” (Ocean Born Mary Music, 2019)”

Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings “Rose In June” (Hudson Records, 2019)

Jon Boden is best known as the leader of English folk band Bellowhead. This new album, his fourth solo work, is more diverse in sound and feel than his former group, despite relying at least partly on traditional songs. ‘Rose in June’, which Boden acknowledges hearing through the work of Lou Killen, opens the album and has an air of Runrig about it. Continue reading “Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings “Rose In June” (Hudson Records, 2019)”