Rebekeh Rolland “Standing Still” – Listen

Rebekeh Rolland has past releases with the band Run Boy Run, but this slice of folk perfection comes from her upcoming debut album ‘Seed & Silo’ it conjures up the vastness of the open prairie and focuses in on tiny events that seem insignificant but really carry the greatest import.  Oh, and with its wonderful layering of instruments it’s a full 10 out of 10 on the musical beauty scale.  The album is due on the 20th of July and should be worth more than one listen.

Sons Of Bill “Easier” – Listen

‘Easier’ is the second single released from the soon to arrive new album from Sons of Bill (‘Oh God Ma’am’ out 29th June on Loose).  It’s a love song, but a modern love song – so not all is well in the garden: “I always know when you’re in trouble by the colour that you dye your hair” sings James Wilson with resignation rich in the vocal.  It’s a melancholic ride, that’s for sure.  And if you’re wondering about the female vocal – ‘Easier’ also features Molly Parden.  The Sons of Bill tour the UK in August.

Mt. Joy “Silver Lining” – Listen

Coming out of that strain of folk-rock that revels in epic sounds and vocals that soar to the heights, Mt. Joy deliver a mighty powerful punch on ‘Silver Lining’, which is taken from their debut album which in turn is about to have its European release.  Starting as a trio and releasing material through Spotify they, to their own surprise, attracted millions of plays and the big time beckoned.  Rounded out to a full six-piece unit they’ll play three dates in the UK in July – the 18th see’s them at London’s Paper Dress Vintage, the 19th is Rivertown Festival in Bristol and finally on the 20th Larmer Tree Festival.

Jim Lauderdale “Time Flies” – Listen

Jim Lauderdale is releasing not one but two albums over the course of this summer, the title track of one being the song ‘Time Flies’ which Rolling Stone has described as “a warm, reverential reflection on the passage of the years, a rippling Southern rock ballad that unfurls like smoke in the furthest reaches of the memory.” The track was recorded in Nashville with co-producer Jay Weaver and is Lauderdale’s first record since last year’s London Southern (inspired by a little known 4 piece from Liverpool). Lauderdale says of the record: “Time Flies is a collection of my latest songs and is a different sounding record than anything I’ve made before.”

The Garrys “Makeout at the Drive-In” – Listen

Music has the power to grip, and when it has a hold on you then there’s not a lot you can do.  Which is by way of explaining why The Garrys, who hail out of Saskatoon, can make perfect dreamy-eyed surf-band influenced music, despite being about as far from the sea as it’s possible to be in Canada.  ‘Makeout at the Drive-in’ (we love that opposites thing in song titles and lyrics) with it’s honey dripping harmonised vocals may just take over your day, as The Garrys’ new single will not settle for just one play.   Prepare to hit repeat.   The Garrys can be caught live today at The Great Escape festival, and tomorrow at The Moon in Cardiff.


Curse of Lono “Valentine” – Listen

Three months late for Valentine’s Day, the much talked about Curse of Lono have released the new single from their upcoming second album ‘As I Fell’.  It’s a pulsing demon-cursed buzzing fuzzed up bass to the fore, had it up to here, it’s all over, something has to give of a song with a vengeful chorus: “You’re the one that I love best /  Got a bullet for your lover’s chest”.  It’s a bit dark, but we’re confident you can take it.  Curse of Lono are on a UK tour from tomorrow.

Milk Carton Kids “Big Time” – Listen

The Milk Carton Kids have a new album out at the end of June, called ‘All the things that I did and all the things that I didn’t do’, and ‘Big Time’ is the new single release from it.  And it is, like all else that the Milk Carton Kids have released, unquestionably brilliant.   The new album uses a full band, has Joe Henry as producer and, claims Kenneth Pattengale “we wanted to do something new, we had been going around the country yet another time to do the duo show, going to the places we’d been before. There arose some sort of need for change.” Joey Ryan  chips in “musically we knew we were going to make the record with a bigger sonic palette, it was liberating to know we didn’t have to be able to carry every song with just our two guitars”.  Don’t be concerned – it’s still all about those voices and lyrics of mournful longing and carefully nurtured despair.

David Gould / Katy Ellis “I Believe” – Listen

Never let it be said that Americana-UK are stick in the muds – we like to take a chance every now and again.  We like to party (you should see us party) and in that spirit of adventure we think you’ll like this one.  Take Kate Ellis’s acoustic track, with a gentle vocal on a song of reflective love.  Take that, we say, and get ethnomusicologist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist David Gould to remix it and you have a huge track which still retains that original fragility. Electronicana is what they call it. Nice.

Track Premiere : Chuck Westmorland “Long Winter Rodeo”

Americana UK is pleased to have the chance to premiere this new song from Portland based troubadour Chuck Westmorland. ‘Long Winter Rodeo’ is the lead single from the album of the same name that is due out on the 1st of June on Black and Gold Records. It’ll be the second album release from Chuck Westmorland, following up on 2016’s eponymous debut. This song is inspired by the real-life Tygh Ridge Rodeo Grounds, and the sparse track unveils a simple love story. “A guy falls for this woman,” Westmorland says, “but she’s already with somebody else.” In an act of serendipity, the two finally end up together. Ultimately, it’s a hopeful tale, though one laced with an inescapable sadness. ‘Long Winter Rodeo’ is a song that is delivered with unflagging directness, and over lightly-strummed acoustic guitars and reverb-tinged lap steel, Chuck Westmorland’s vocal has a lived in quality that’s beautifully balanced out by the almost gospel backing vocals as the song closes out.

Ashley Monroe “Wild Love” – Listen

Ashley Monroe has said of her new album ‘Sparrow’ (out now on Warner Music Nashville) that “Country music is a wide genre, and that’s OK, I don’t even know what genre this record is, but I know it’s me.”  We’re pretty confident that this Dave Cobb produced track, with its lush string arrangements and frail, but strong, stumbling, but sturdy, vocal is truly country – but a dramatic country with an edginess added by the layers of reverb guitar.