Pete Gow “Strip For Me” – Listen

The Case Hardin main man has a solo album coming up called ‘Here There’s No Sirens‘ (out in April on Clubhouse Records).  ‘Strip For Me‘ is the lead single, and in Pete Gow’s own words, it’s  a bit different from previous material.  He says that this release: “is an opportunity to take my writing out of its comfort zone.  There are large parts of this record that are uncharacteristically up close and very personal, and that was a considered choice. But… as the project started to take shape there came the inevitable second-guessing of those choices that led me to redress the balance with a bit of ‘depravity’ here, a bit of ‘unremitting darkness’ there… a slightly crude attempt to throw folks off the scent and a cynical one at trying to keep the base happy “.  ‘Strip For Me‘ certainly fits in with a sense of the dark and disturbing.

Luke Sital-Singh “Lover” – Listen

What?  Didn’t we already have a track feature today?  What’s going on?  Well, lucky, lucky reader that you are we’ve decided to recognise this special day with a bonus track with a title that reflects appropriately.  Lovely, lovely love.  Neat, huh? Only Luke Sital-Singh isn’t too enamoured of that slushy stuff, as he explains ‘Lover‘ is “a song about marital fights, relationship woes, and the ebb and flow of that, essentially. One of the most frequent spats I have with my wife is about driving. She drives, I don’t. The new album is sort of about moving to America, and before we decided on the move we went on a road trip down the Californian coast.  It was a beautiful journey, but there was quite a lot of bickering. So ‘Lover’ is about a difficult drive, and just trying to keep it together, basically.”

Unwed Sailor “Moon Coin” – Listen

Regular readers may recall previous expressions of doubt that “post-rock” is an actual thing, consisting as it does of a rock band playing rock music, often in the form of a rock instrumental.  Be that as it may Johnathon Ford – one-time member of Pedro the Lion and Roadside Monument, presents a new offering in his expansive interpretation of post-rock instrumental music under the band name Unwed Sailor.  The new album, the first in eleven years, is ‘Heavy Age‘, it is out May 3rd and ‘Moon Coin‘ is the first track released from it.  And it, umm, rocks some, in a melodic shoegazey way.  Permission to discretely jive has been obtained.

Track Premiere – The Tiger Lillies “Tombstone”

Prague in the 1990’s, a time between the Velvet Revolution and the rise of mass stag night tourism – this is the era evoked by The Tiger Lillies on their new album ‘Devil’s Fairground‘ which is released this coming Friday.  It’s a time that the band – Martyn Jaques (vocals, accordion, piano, uke), Adrian Stout (double bass, theremin, singing saw) & Jonas Golland (drums, percussion) – relate to as they were there.  They found a city of exceptional hedonism which they happily joined in with, but there was the down side of  legless drunks, bored hookers and fatherless children.   Continue reading “Track Premiere – The Tiger Lillies “Tombstone””

Track Premiere – Smith Allen “Pouring Rain”

If you like your music drenched in pedal steel and with a singer with a warm vocal, then you’re going to like Smith Allen.  If you like your backup vocals performed by Miranda Lee Richards then you’re really going to like Smith Allen’s new single ‘Pouring Rain‘.  Continue reading “Track Premiere – Smith Allen “Pouring Rain””

Joy Williams “Front Porch” – Listen

Joy Williams has released a new single from her album ‘Front Porch‘, which will be released in May.  This song, the title cut, shows off her crystal clear flowing vocal to great effect over the gentlest guitar and fiddle accompaniment.  It’s beautifully understated and the sure hand of producer Kenneth Pattengale is all over it.

Track Premiere – Roses & Cigarettes “Bones On The Ground”

Roses & Cigarettes are a duo made up of singer Jenny Pagliaro and guitarist Angela Petrilli who hail from Los Angeles.  They are all set to release their second album ‘Echoes and Silence’ on the 22nd of this month and ‘Bones on the Ground‘ is the first single from the album.   It’s a song that Jenny describes as being “about that person that just won’t get out of your life. No matter how many times you have kicked them out they keep coming back around.” Continue reading “Track Premiere – Roses & Cigarettes “Bones On The Ground””

I’m With Her “Call My Name” – Listen

Any band that consists of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O’Donovan is going to be worth listening to – but we all know that already.  What makes this particular gorgeously harmonising song tenderly beseeching a lover to remember that they can “Call my name, say it out loud, when the world is upside down, I’ll still be around” worth hearing?  What did I just say?  Yeah, that’s the reason.  I’m With Her play the Hackney Empire on the 19th of  March.  Should be stunning.

The Mostar Diving Club “Lovely Bones” – Listen

The Mostar Diving Club is the work of writer, composer and lead singer Damian Katkhuda, who first came to prominence fronting cult indie folk band Obi in the early 2000s.  The latest single ‘Lovely Bones’ is taken from his fourth album ‘Here Comes Joy’ and features jangly guitars, cellos, choirs and mellotrons all combining to create an intimate musical landscape over which Damian Katkhuda reveals the wisdom of fatherhood.  And, if you can’t hear subtle hints of ‘Scarborough Fair‘ then you’d best listen again.

Josh Ritter “Old Black Magic” – Listen

Exciting news that Josh Ritter is returning with his tenth album, ‘Fever Breaks‘.   If the first single is a guide – and we’ve a feeling it is – then ‘Fever Breaks’ is going to be Josh Ritter’s rockiest album since ‘Historical Conquests‘.  Some of this sound could just be due to the presence of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.  Could this, already,  be a taster for the album of the year ?  You know what, it just might be.