Great Lake Swimmers share two new songs – Listen

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the indie-folk/rock band Great Lake Swimmers led by singer-songwriter Tony Dekker who decided for the band’s next record to challenge himself by writing new music without any acoustic guitar which has always been his instrumental mainstay. He further digressed from previous songwriting patterns by looking at each track individually and then tailoring the instrumentation to bring each song to life in its own distinctive way.  Continue reading “Great Lake Swimmers share two new songs – Listen”

Lost Brothers “Come Tomorrow” – Listen

What do you get when you combine the duetting style of the Everly Brothers with the lyrical style of the spectral strain of Gothic-Americana ?  Well, something rather like the Lost Brothers, who’s fifth album Halfway Towards A Healing was recorded in Tucson, Arizona, at the perfectly titled Dust and Stone Studios.  And it’s from that album that the slow building Come Tomorrow is taken.


Belle of the Fall “Rise Up” – Listen

Belle of the Fall is Tracy Walton and Julia Autumn Ford, an indie folk rock pop alternative americana with a soul, duo from Connecticut. Tracy plays upright bass and sings and Julia plays nylon string guitar and sings.  Rise Up is a sumptuous track, and who could resist lyrics like “dealing with uncertain fate is not the time to postulate nor is it the time to fall”.   The album of the same name is due in April.

Track Premiere: Simon D James “Dearest Lovely World”

Brighton based singer-songwriter Simon D James has a global vision, and his debut single Dearest Lovely World was written whilst he was volunteering in the Calais refugee camps.  This experience led him to recognise that “regardless of colour or creed we are all bound together by the common threads of love, loss and the need to find community in an ever more fractured world”.

Track Premier: Jesse Terry “Mr Blue Sky”

Jesse Terry has a brand new album coming out, hot on the heels of last September’s ‘Stargazer’.  It’s an album of duets with female artists including: Dar Williams / Sarah Darling / Erin Rae/ Kim Richey & more.  This track premier is taken from that album – a cover of  Jeff Lynne’s Mr Blue Sky. Explaining why he chose this track Jesse has said “Mr Blue Sky is one of those rare songs that can instantly turn my day around, and change the way I view the world. To me, the song feels like emerging from sadness and embracing the light in a spirited rejoice: “Mister Blue Sky, please tell us why, you had to hide away for so long, where did we go wrong?”…when you change the tempo and instrumentation, everything feels different – and that gorgeous melody and lyric takes on a new life and meaning. I think that’s the mark of a truly great song”. Jesse Terry is on tour in the UK in April.

Ryan Adams releases Valentine’s Day single online – Listen

Ryan Adams has a shot of V-Day love for the world this year with the release of a special Valentine’s Day single today. ‘Baby I Love You’ is exactly what it sounds like: a song to someone’s baby (colloquial as opposed to small child, although it might work either way) who they love—a unique twist on Ryan Adams’ classic recipe, with key ingredient “sad” replaced by “happy.”  Head over to the Pax Am website for more info.

Bob Cheevers “Help Me With My Heart” – Listen

Admittedly this is not a new song – but quite appropriate for Valentines Day.  Really we wanted Is It Ever Gonna Rain, but that wasn’t available.  Help Me with My Heart seemed a better second choice than If I Fell Back in Love With Your Sister.  And a much better choice than Underpants.  Or I like Sheep.  Those songs exist.  Bob Cheevers – the man with no discernible edit function.   He’s at the Green Note tomorrow by the way.


Shakey Graves “Kids These Days” – Listen

One line of wisdom of course is that they don’t.  Listen that is.  Trash.  The kids are all right.  Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka Shakey Graves, won the award for Best Emerging Artist at the 2015 Americana Music Awards – his new album Can’t Wake Up shows an evolution into different sounds.  He says of it “this record is the most I’ve ever intentionally worked on a project, musically speaking, in terms of the scope of it and how much thought went into it.  It’s a dense album; there’s a lot of information going on.”.  There are upcoming – and already sold out – dates in London, Glasgow and Manchester.

James Perryman “Why Do You Only Love Me When I’m Stoned?” – Listen

West-London based singer-songwriter James Perryman raises a pertinent question on his newly  released single.  There’s an EP to follow in April.  Multi-layered vocals  add an appropriate fuzzed-up feel to the smooth vocals.  If you like what you’re hearing then it’s worth noting that James Perryman will be playing The Coppermill on Friday 16th.