Chloe Foy “Without You” – Listen

Not, we should point out, the Badfinger song made famous by Harry Nilsson, but sitting somewhat in that same territory of relationship loss.  Here, though, over a gentle folky setting the mellifluous Chloe Foy is singing of a more final separation.

Talking of the new single Chloe Foy has said:  “Without You is a song about grief and the loss of someone close to depression. So it talks of the struggles of the person who passes away and then couples that with the exploration of grieving and how it changes from being the worst thing in the world one minute, to possibly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in the end, and how grief changes with the seasons. This was written a long time ago when I was very new to the grief and I’ve always played it live but never found the right setting for it on record. However, I recently re-imagined the arrangement and it’s taken on a new life.”

Chloe Foy has a number of festival appearances organised for the Summer including the Cambridge Folk Festival, Lakefest, Green Man Festival and Wild Paths Festival.

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