Chris Pierce “American Silence Is A Crime” – Listen

Chris Pierce does that voice and guitar and the truth thing, and does it with style on his new single ‘American Silence is a Crime.’   It’s the folk troubadour tradition of singing the news, and by so doing calling out behaviours and attitudes that we should have left behind years ago.  Many, many years ago.  We’re thinking people, so why do we spend so much time thinking destruction on our fellow human beings?

Will you rise up when your comfort is in jeopardy?” asks Chris Pierce, going on to challenge complacency: “Can we sing a song for you?  Will music move your heart and mind ?  Will our song arrest you?  American Silence is a Crime.”

Of course we’re all hoping for better in the USA now that an actual stable mind is going to be taking over the helm.  But as Chris Pierce’s forthcoming album (due 2021) will remind Joe Biden – there’s a lot to do – with song topics covering justice, oppression, homelessness, black self-love, racism, mass incarceration, Immigrant Transcontinental Railroad workforce, Native American boarding schools.

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