Chris Shiflett “Lost At Sea”


Another slice of energetic rock, roots and punk from stadium rocker who tries to keep his feet on the ground

You have to admire Chris Shiflett for not resting on his stadium rock laurels. As guitarist with The Foo Fighters he could probably sit in the sun somewhere just waiting for his buddy Dave Grohl to give him a call but instead he indulges in his love of both punk and country, playing in dives and releasing a couple of albums which were much grungier and rootsier than any Foo Fighters fare.

‘Lost At Sea’ is cast in the same vein as previous albums ‘West Coast Town’ and ‘Hard Lessons’ as Shiflett presses the play button on some turbo charged rockers alongside others which, while still rocking, have a touch of roots music embedded. A perfect example is the opening song ‘Dead And Gone’ which is a dirty, blues infused, rocker with wicked slide guitar and clattering percussion while ‘Where’d Everybody Go’, abuzz with guitars stinging like a bunch of angry hornets is truly impressive, like Joe Walsh teaming up with Ry Cooder. Unfortunately several of the songs aren’t half as memorable. ‘Damage Control‘ is lightweight cod reggae and ‘Black Top White Lines’ overdoes the riffage, dialling the song back to the eighties.

This is salvaged by songs such as ‘Weigh You Down’ (a Warren Zevon like rocker), the very fine laidback number ‘I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore’ and especially, the Texas tavern roustabout which is ‘Carrie Midnight Texas Queen’ where Shiflett comes across like The Stones’ playing in a local dive bar back in 1969.

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