Cordovas “High Roller” – playing for high stakes

Photo: Justine Molina

This new song from Cordovas is pitched in a classic Cosmic Country meets Southern Rock meets Grateful Dead jamming – there’s a real feel of on the fly inspiration and improvisation on this tale of drunken careening through a chaotic night.  There’s drinking, fighting, running, driving and of course gambling at “the closest thing there was to Vegas in Reno.”   The song is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth album ‘The Rose of Aces‘ which will be released via ATO Records on 11 August.

It’s a topic that frontman Joe Firstman can easily relate to, having had an “interesting” – for which read somewhat chaotic – earlier career.  Now at 43 he can look back and comment wisely that “Everything is victory as long as you can pull it out of the trash and polish it off and identify it as such.”  The victory here is the band itself made up of co-conspirator guitarist Lucca Soria, plus a revolving cast of characters who feature in the live band or join in the studio. From the songwriting contributions from singer-songwriter Mark Cline Bates to the studio magic of CH McCoy, Kelsey Lepperd, Colton Stephens, Tyler Nuffer, Firstman brings together a group of like-minded individuals who together can conjure pure free-wheeling rock. Which has to be a good thing.

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