Cujo Moon “In The Stars” – farewell to all that

Photo: Rachel Deeb

Trevor Willmott, also known as Cujo Moon, is in wistful mood on this new song which will probably be on his new EP due June 3rd.  As he explains: “This song wrote itself in about 20 minutes on Christmas Eve of last year. I had just spent some time with my folks and should have been feeling joyful but I was back home, alone, and overwhelmed by a sense of sadness. It started out on acoustic guitar but a couple of months later, I wrote some parts on my old upright piano and loved how it shifted the mood to be more hopeful. It’s about that jaded feeling of growing older where you’re not as enamoured by the activities that used to bring you joy. It just hit me at that moment while staring at my record player collecting dust.

Ah yes, that feeling of time passing and the years piling up – not something your youthful Americana UK team are looking forward to either.

Trevor Willmott was born in Lexington, Kentucky and currently is based in Nashville, Tennessee.  As well as Cujo Moon he has also worked  in several bands over the years including The Wild Jays, Dream the Electric Sleep and is one half of the duo Neon Rain.

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