Video Premiere: Edie Carey “The Veil”

Photo credit: Steve Willis

We’re delighted to premiere the video for Edie Carey’s latest single.  ‘The Veil’ features rich, warm instrumentation and production with absorbing layers that quickly draw in the listener.  Carey’s tuneful vocal, heavy with emotion, flows through an engaging melody.  The video for ‘The Veil’, directed by Gabriel Jacobson, is a beautifully-shot piece of art in itself, complete with soft-focus footage of life on the ranch that plays out as Carey sings about the passage of time: “We thought that we could catch the moon // In the window of the way back // Diamond stars on velvet blue // In the window of the way back // Daddy carried me to bed, my arms heavy round his neck // If I wasn’t sleeping, I’d pretend // Oh, the sweetness of your breath // Just like when you were a baby // Full surrender on my chest // I’ve been noticing lately // Every day you need me less // And I know that’s for the best // Yeah, I know that’s for the best // We cannot go back // No matter how we wish it // We cannot go back now.”  It’s a universal theme that many of us will associate with as we grow and then watch our children grow.  The words capture that curious mix of striving, love, pride, nostalgia and sadness that is packaged up into parenthood and the song leaves us in a reflective mood.

Carey told AUK about the song: “‘The Veil’ is about how we can’t regain our innocence once it’s lost. There’s darkness in that message and in the song’s instrumentation yet my director Gabriel Jacobson had the brilliant idea of juxtaposing that darkness with light, with the wonder only a young child can still possess. In the video my 5-year-old daughter Emmy plays the roles of both my little girl and the young, untarnished version of me grinning and playful in the rear view.”

This is the title track from Carey’s eleventh album, which is due for release on 3rd June 2022.  Produced by Scott Wiley and featuring GRAMMY-nominated friend and collaborator Rose Cousins and Mai Bloomfield (Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles), ‘The Veil’ features twelve songs that lead us through tales of life, love and loss.  For over twenty years, the Colorado Springs singer-songwriter has been putting out award-winning, thoughtful music and ‘The Veil’ promises to be a fine collection.  Check it out.

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