Duke & Goldie “Rocky Mountain Feeling” – Tuning in, tuning out

There’s a rich Seventies feel to ‘Rocky Mountain Feeling‘ that’s as classic as the duo’s look.  It finds Duke & Goldie (that’s Eric The Duke Duquette & Jena Goldie Gogo by the way) trying to tune into their favourite sounds all day from morning to night.  They told us where the inspiration for the song came from: “We wrote this song after moving to the other side of the mountains, living for a period of time on a small island off of the coast of Vancouver Island.  On our daily walks down to the beach, we would stand at the edge of water and stare off at the mountains in the distance. We would always be overcome by a feeling of calmness which harkened back to the transformative experience of first seeing the Rocky Mountains from a tour van so many years ago.

So if you dig some country flecked folk rock, and you like to hear the acoustic guitars high in the mix lifting a song along then it’s time to head to the beach and see if the sounds are bouncing in this morning.  Surely they are…just search through the static.

Rocky Mountain Feeling‘ is taken from the duo’s self-titled EP which features another 5 songs alongside it that are similarly digging into a sixties and seventies blended vibe of folk, rock, soul, cosmic and outlaw country music.


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