Eoin Glackin “The Way You Looked At Me” – could this be, could this be love?

Going into the weekend with a piece of retro-Americana, there’s a 1920’s feel to this single from Dublin-based folk / blues / americana artist Eoin Glackin, which offers a preview of his forthcoming album, ‘The Cost of Living‘, which is slated for release in September.  Retro feel, but with a more modern sensibility as Eoin Glackin compares falling in love to having one’s drink spiked with amphetamine.   Romance is clearly not dead.

Eoin Glackin has explained that the upcoming album was almost a solo affair: “After my album in 2018, which was a big band sounding record, I found myself mostly touring solo. It made me look closer at what I was doing and want to sound as full as possible, with just myself on stage. The songs started to take shape with that solo idea in mind. I had an album recorded just before lockdown that was entirely solo, but I scrapped it. When I went back to record a few months ago with a fresh bunch of songs, I felt a rhythm section of bass and drums would give them more lift, while still staying true to the stripped-down feel I was after. Colin Derham, Louise Holden and Mark O’Mahony from the acapella group, The Larkfield Four gave that gorgeous 1950’s feel on backing vocals and added that last bit of character I wanted.

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