Frances Luke Accord “Thank You, Derrick Watson” – Listen

Good manners, as you’ve probably heard before, cost nothing.  And manners maketh the man (or woman for that matter).  It’s a couple of a truisms that have not been lost on Frances Luke Accord, and which they celebrate on the new single ‘Thank You, Derrick Watson‘.

‘Cos, what it is is – Frances Luke Accord heard about a really rude man, a man who wanted to blanket ban travel for people on grounds of ethnicity.  “The goddamn effing hell with that” they muttered under their breath.  And then a beacon of light – Derrick Watson, a judge in Hawaii who concurred with their learned opinion and stated that the ban was not just rude, it was illegal.  Cheers for that, or as Frances Luke Accord would have it “Thank you“.  Such polite chaps.

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