Frontier Ruckus “On The Northline” –

Photo: John Mark Hanson

Indie folk trio Frontier Ruckus will be releasing their sixth album ‘On The Northline’ via Loose Music on February 16, 2024.  Today there’s a chance to see the lyric video for the title track of the album, featuring a collage of vintage family photos as backdrop for the song’s haunting melodies and contemplative lyrics.  There’s very much a stream of consciousness running through the song as thoughts spark off each other, with some thoughts, seemingly unimportant, lead to deeper reflections.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Matthew Milia says that “I love constructing blurry geographies in my songwriting.  The “Northline” was inspired partly by the North Country of upstate New York – where the Thousand Islands pepper the St. Lawrence Seaway – and where my dad’s side of the family somehow landed from Sicily in the early 1900s. Once an industrial boomtown, now marked by Amish buggies tied up outside of Price Choppers, dilapidated bowling alleys and weedy putt-putt golf courses where the tourists have long-since stopped summering. It’s my second-most visited source of inspiration for all that is equal parts glorious and grim.

Frontier Ruckus are completed by banjo player David Jones and multi-instrumentalist Zachary Nichols – and, of course, various friends and collaborators along the way over the last two decades since Jones and Milia founded the band.

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