Gabriel Schicchi “Olivia’s Leaving” – Listen

Sitting somewhere between lo-fi folkiness and a big rounded out by strings singer-songwriter sound, Gabriel Schicchi’s ‘Olivia’s Leaving‘ is a full-on love-sick breakup song.  It’s the core track for the ‘Leaving the Ground EP’, which will be available on digital download or, ye gods and little hipsters, that worst sound quality of all formats the compact cassette tape.

Be that as it may, ‘Olivia’s Leaving‘ is a lovely mournful tune, and comes with a certification of authenticity as Gabriel Schicchi  explains “The lyrics are the truth: a girl I really cared about was moving back to the east coast. I wanted to think that it changed nothing because we were never too close, but I ended up with this 800-pound gorilla of emotion in the room that I took and put right into the song. I didn’t invent any situation or come up with lyrics for the song, really.

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