Happy new year and welcome to the new look Americana UK

Apologies for the longer than anticipated pause, Gremlins is a Christmas movie after all.

Happy new year dear reader, hope you had a good one despite the unusualness of it all. While you’ve been watching repeats of the Sound of Music and The Chase, we’ve been plugging away on a new look site. It’s our first redesign in four years and while there’s a lot more going on, all the same content is there in all the same categories which you can access from the same top menu. What we hope it will do is highlight existing content more, so if you miss it in the fleeting hours it goes up, you’ll still hopefully notice it at a later date. Of course you can go to sleep soundly at night knowing you’ve never missed any content by subscribing to our mailing list via the Mailchimp form on the left. In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to support the americana scene around the world but especially in the UK in the best way we can. If you have any comments on the new set up, please do get in touch via our contacts page. In the meantime, thanks for being one of our readers – whether you’re new to the site or a regular, we really value your support. Here’s to a brighter year for the americana community in 2021.

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alasdair Lambie

Great site, required daily reading for me. As an Englishman living in Spain this is one of the few things i find worth reading. keep it up. The new look is a big improvement.

Richard Leader

The site has scrubbed-up well – looking very fine!

Henry Senior

very stylish update!


Like you Mark, it’s looking good! 🙂

Dave Bartley

Very impressive.

David Nigel Sutcliffe

Great site Mark … I have breakfast with you every day … a pedal steel and a croissant work for me