Heart Hunters “Smokin’ Potpourri” – Listen

This new song by Heart Hunters is also, as you’d expect, heartfelt.  Not mushy lovey-dovey stuff though, what duo Drew de Man (really ?)  and Brianna Blackbird (so cool – we’ll buy that, but only just) are discussing is the tricky issue of whether ’tis nobler in the heart to stick to one’s principles or to just give the people what they want. It is a real dilemma, and we can appreciate that. When Blackbird sings “If I gave up griping about the government, the pepper spray and the innocents tell me would Rolling Stone call my number ?/ …/ would the gigs that I’m playing start paying the rent.”  Well, for us the answer is no – if you do start to “sing less words and just go mmmm-m-mmm and then ooo-ooo-ooo” then we can guarantee you that in one synchronised move Americana UK will turn their collective backs on you.   But then look at the UK pop-country scene and we’d have to admit that “mmmm-m-mmm and then ooo-ooo-ooo” is very popular and likely will make that bill payment route easier.  For us though, we’d say “for now stick to the sarcasm, we love it.”


Photo by Rachael Renee Levasseur

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