Ida Mae “My Whispers Are Wildfire”

Photo: Joe Hottinger

Ida Mae have a new studio album, their third, called ‘Thunder Above You‘ which is set for release on August 25th.  My Whispers Are Wildfire’ is the latest single taken form it and is in their characteristic raucous style.  Speaking about the new single, they said, “‘My Whispers Are Wildfire’ is written from the perspective of an avaricious lover, in a haze of derealisation. It’s a response to the modern cacophony of fake news, click bait and the circus confusion of social media and material gain.”

It’s a story influenced by their recent experiences touring the USA, as they explained: “We felt we were living in the shadow of the American Dream, traveling 46 states, hotel to motel, meeting a wild array of characters; from boat captains, marines to gamblers. We’ve found ourselves sharing coffee with prom queens living on the fringes, divorcees in San Francisco cellar bars and sharing stories about dead Kings with bartenders. This has all been duetted by the anxiety inducing craze of TikTok and targeted ads.  I wanted to capture moments of these conversations, slam the flirtatious absurdity of the way we live into a musical cocktail somewhere between Ry Cooder and The Kills. It was all recorded live, on the second take, in a studio we built in a day in a mansion house in the English Countryside with Ethan Johns on drums and Nick Pini on Bass.”

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