Introducing ‘The Twang Factor’ – AUK’s showcase for new artists

Another reminder about this one everyone! At AUK we are firm believers in supporting new talent, especially in the current difficult environment. We are therefore putting our money where our mouth is by introducing ‘The Twang Factor’, a showcase for new, unknown and emerging artists. Each week we will feature a different new artist and publish a clip of them performing, along with some information about them. This is your chance to perform to a large, and hopefully appreciative audience. So what are you waiting for?

How to get involved:
Send a short link or clip of yourself performing an original song to this email address. We will then view it and if you stand out from the crowd, we will be in touch. Chosen artists will be invited to make an exclusive recording for AUK. This will then appear on the site.

This is aimed at new and unknown artists, so please, if you are already established, please do not enter.
The feature is open to artists working in the broad americana/folk genre – you know the kind of stuff we dig.
Your material must be original – no covers please.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you – and tell your friends!

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From buying my first record aged 10 and attending my first gig at 14, music has been a lifelong obsession. A proud native of Suffolk, I have lived in and around Manchester for the best part of 30 years. My idea of a perfect day would be a new record arriving in the post in the morning, watching Ipswich Town win in the afternoon followed by a gig and a pint with my mates at night,


  1. Great idea Clint. It will give new artists extra exposure at a critical time for the music business. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity of maybe seeIng a new Peter Bruntnell or Emily Barker emerge.

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