Isabel Rumble “Bird Be Brave”

Independent, 2023

Isabel Rumble "Bird be Brave"

Charming folk on a regional setting.

Isabel Rumble "Bird be Brave"The debut album from one of Australia’s newest songwriters, ‘Bird Be Brave’ was recorded with Tasmanian producer Luke Plumb. Rumble’s songwriting often cleverly connects human intimacy with elements of the natural world. The title track was her third single to be released and Rumble uses a fledgling bird to symbolise the natural parting of parent and child. It is a lovely song with rich string accompaniment and a contemporary drum mix done by Mattie Foulds of Caribou Recording in East Lothian. ‘Tenderly’ has Luke Plumb playing some fine mandolin and adding significantly to the overall optimism of the track. ‘Float‘ has some subtle horn playing and added running water from The Towamba River. The current leads us on to the next track, ‘Story of a River’.

The darker numbers are definitely the more interesting ones – good examples include ‘Precious Burden’ with its memorable line: “You’re good at forgiving like wind wiping words form the sand” and ‘Solitary Dreaming‘, a track Courtney Marie Andrews would be proud to call her own. ‘Steady Ground‘ brings back the optimism and is definitely one that would get a festival crowd’s feet going. However, the album could have done with some stronger final tracks.

The record is beautifully produced and the assembled musicians along with Fould’s drum mixing on most tracks certainly enhance Rumble’s pleasant voice. It is to her credit that she does not attempt to disguise her accent. Rumble is a fine Australian folk singer.


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