Jacob Furr “Balmorhea” – aiming to undo a mistake

Fort Worth’s Jacob Furr is set to release his latest album ‘Turning‘ on September 2nd, it’s his third release in the last decade of playing, writing and touring.  It is, he says, “the third album of a trio that are all about exploring grief, loss and love. I lost my wife to cancer in 2013 and subsequently began a 10 year journey of writing and touring that has resulted in three albums worth of material. My hope is to bring my story of moving through this decade to others who might be experiencing similar losses in their lives. The songs are not maudlin.”  That’s certainly true of ‘Balmorhea‘ which paints a scene of regret and a hope to undo an error “I knew that you belonged to the sea / well my greatest sin was that I kept driving East.”

‘Turning’ was recorded at Cloudland Studios in Fort Worth Texas with Britt Robisheux engineering, Jacob and drummer Clint Kirby recorded all 8 tracks in a one day marathon in an attempt to keep the songs feeling fresh.  There’s a certain irony in this as Jacob Furr is aware that his writing process is not a quick one: “I try to let songs come as they will and when they will, when my attention to them is tuned to the highest frequency. I’m not a songwriter who wakes up and writes every day. I usually take long drives, or sit for hours strumming a guitar until something clicks or my mind can’t let an idea go. I can’t say that I want my songs to be one thing or the other. I just want to let them live in their own space and time. I do like them to sound like they’d be the perfect music to put on when you’re taking one of those soul-searching solo drives late into the night and far from home. I’m mostly surprised by how they have touched people over the years, and by how many people tell me they listen to them as they moved across the country, or lost and gained partners. That makes me glad.

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Harriet Mills

Great song!