Jerry Douglas “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – this guitar is a dobro…

Photo: Scott Simontacchi

We know what you’re thinking: “surely this would have been an absolute shoe-in for the much lamented and sadly missed Americana UK Chill Out Wednesday Afternoon Instrumental Slot?”  And all we can say in response to that is, it was embargoed until today and we were too excited about it to save it until next week.  But, yes, it would be nice to bring back those chilled out instrumentals…all we need are some…

Anyway – y’all know Jerry Douglas, and you sure as hell know this song.  What’s this all about then?  Well, after a long gap Jerry Douglas has a new solo album primed to go – it’s called ‘The Set‘ and it’s out on September 20th.

Speaking of the album’s lead single Jerry Douglas said: “I love how easy it was to play the song, it just lays perfectly for the dobro. It gives you all the latitude you need to play the whole song from end to end, in different octaves. That melody always got me, but I never tried to play it. And when I did, it was like, ‘Wow! Why haven’t I done this before?’

While My Guitar Gently Weeps‘ features The Jerry Douglas Band, with Daniel Kimbro (bass), Christian Sedelmyer (fiddle), and Mike Seal (guitar).

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